• FT

  • 80


    ... converts to give Chiefs the game.

    31 - 30
  • 80

    Try Chiefs.

    Saints work hard but it's not enough to stop the home side's phase play and Waldrom gets over with the last play.

    29 - 30
  • 79

    Brilliant work from Saints stops the maul and Chiefs have to attack from hand now.

  • 79

    Haywood makes way for Marshall as we set up the lineout from the penalty.

  • 79

    No try for the home side but a yellow card for Harrison as he's deemed to enter in the side of the maul.

  • 79

    Chiefs maul from the lineout and make it close. Another penalty comes and we're with the TMO to see if it's a worth a penalty try...

  • 78

    Penalty Chiefs at the scrum and Simmonds punts it into touch. Lineout Chiefs on the five metre.

  • 73

    Saints maul well from the lineout and barge their way back up the pitch. Reinach boxes and Tuala is there but Chiefs hands hold onto it. They're attacking again now and earn a penalty at the breakdown. Simmonds will kick to touch. Mallinder does well to keep it in but the ball bounces dead and Chiefs will have the scrum on the five metre line.

  • 74

    Penalty Saints at the breakdown!! Brilliant work from Saints! Francis sends the ball to touch and Saints will have the lineout back up near halfway.

  • 73

    A scrappy lineout but Chiefs manage to keep the ball. They're pushing in Saints' 22 now but Saints are working hard to keep them out.

  • 72

    Reinach replaces Groom as we set this lineout.

  • 72

    Chiefs are playing strongly from the restart and have made it up to halfway again. They earn a penalty at the breakdown and Simmonds kicks it to touch. Lineout Chiefs on Saints' 22.

  • 70


    ... drops the conversion quickly.

    24 - 30
  • 70

    Try Chiefs.

    The home side get through and Armand finishes the score.

    22 - 30
  • 69

    Saints work well at the lineout but are turned over at the breakdown. Chiefs play on. They make it back up to halfway and are pushing hard.

  • 68

    Street and Townsend enter the game for the home side, with Holmes and Chudley making way.

  • 68

    Penalty Saints at the breakdown after Wood turns the ball over. Brilliant stuff from Saints here! Francis sends the ball into touch for a lineout up near Chiefs' 22.

  • 67

    Saints maul before bringing the ball out, eventually Groom boxes. Paterson is there but his offload finds Chiefs hands. The home side play on.

  • 66

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Francis clears to touch. Lineout Saints back up near halfway.

  • 64

    Brilliant stuff from Saints at the lineout. Chiefs go for the maul but knock on and Saints will have the scrum.

  • 64

    Ma'afu and Brookes take their leave, with van Wyk and Ford-Robinson entering the game.

  • 64

    Saints work hard and have pushed Chiefs back out of the 22. But when the penalty comes it goes against them and Simmonds puts it in the corner. Lineout Chiefs.

  • 62

    Brilliant scrum from Saints and the ball spills out fo the back. Chiefs get there but Saints are defending well.

  • 61

    Chiefs maul the lineout but Saints do well to bring it down. They get close and have the advantage coming. Eventually we come back for it. Chiefs opt for the scrum.

  • 60

    Gibson is replaced by Wood as Salvi is replaced by Kvesic before the lineout.

  • 60

    Saints collect the restart well but lose the ball in contact. Chiefs knock on too though and the advantage comes to Saints. Francis clears and Chiefs will have the lineout.

  • 59


    ... sends the kick through to bring Saints up to the 30-point mark.

    17 - 30
  • 58

    Brilliant work from Saints sees them back up to Chiefs' 22. And the pressure pays off at a penalty comes. Francis points to the posts again.

  • 56

    Chiefs take the lineout well but knock on in the next contact and Saints will have the scrum on halfway.

  • 56

    Chiefs come off the scrum strongly and get close but handling errors cost them and Saints play on. Mallinder clears but it stays in. Woodburn is there but he clears too. Tuala decides it's enough of that and sends it into touch on halfway.

  • 54

    A knock on at the restart for Saints sees Chiefs with the scrum on the Saints' 22.

  • 53

    Steenson is replaced by Simmonds as we restart.

  • 53


    ... sends the kick through to extend Saints' lead again.

    17 - 27
  • 52

    Saints attack well and earn a penalty at the breakdown. Francis points to the posts.

  • 51

    Foden makes way as the penalty it being taken, Tuitavake takes his place.

  • 51


    ... sends the kick through to bring the game to one score.

    17 - 24
  • 50

    Chiefs come quickly off the lineout but Saints slow their progress. The home side are awarded a penalty and they opt for the posts.

  • 50

    Hepburn and Devoto are replaced for the home side, Moon and Dollman take their places.

  • 49

    Chiefs are good progress but Harrison strips the ball in a tackle and Saints play on. Groom boxes and Chiefs will have the lineout.

  • 48

    Penalty Chiefs at the breakdown and Steenson sends it to touch again. Lineout Chiefs just inside Saints' 22.

  • 47

    Saints take the lineout cleanly and set up at good maul. Groom eventually brings play out. Horne sprints through a gap but a good tap tackle just unbalances him. Saints are firmly back in attack though.

  • 46

    Chiefs go for the maul but get nowhere. The come out but Saints defence is good. Eventually the penalty comes for the away side. Francis clears to touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 44

    Chiefs work hard and break through but with an advantage coming, we eventually come back for the penalty. Steenson goes for the corner.

  • 43


    ... adds the extras too!

    14 - 24
  • 42


    Beautiful break from Francis who finds Horne in space, the centre is again the assister as Mallinder finishes the job!

    14 - 22
  • 41

    Chudley boxes and it goes straight out. Lineout Saints just inside their own half.

  • 41

    Saints work well at the restart and Francis clears well. But Chiefs take the lineout quickly and are pushing around halfway.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Steenson gets us restarted at Sandy Park.

  • HT

  • 40

    Chiefs maul the lineout but are held up by a strong Saints effort and that's half time.

  • 40

    Penalty Chiefs at a scrappy scrum and Steenson kicks to touch with the clock red. Lineout Chiefs.

  • 39

    Saints collect the restart well and Groom boxes high. Tuala is there but Woodburn gets it. Chiefs come wide and look dangerous but a huge hit from Burrell sees the ball loose. Foden chips forwards and is chasing but the referee calls us back for a knock on from Burrell in the tackle. Scrum Chiefs.

  • 38


    ... sends the touchline conversion through too!

    14 - 17
  • 37


    Burrell breaks and Horne is there in pursuit. The centre takes over and gives the pass to Foden round the last man for the score!

    14 - 15
  • 36

    Chiefs collect the restart and slow things by taking their time to box. Mallinder is there and he stays strong as he's pushed towards touch. Saints come back the other way...

  • 35


    ... converts.

    14 - 10
  • 35

    Try Chiefs

    The TMO says try and Alec Hepburn is given the points.

    12 - 10
  • 35

    Patience from Chiefs seems to pay off as they get over the line. We're with the TMO to see if it's a try...

  • 34

    Chiefs come off the lineout quickly and make it into Saints' 22. Saints defence swallows them up though and slow their progress.

  • 33

    Saints pressure the lineout well and push Chiefs back to halfway but the home side earn a penalty and Steenson send it to touch. Lineout Chiefs just outside Saints' 22.

  • 32

    Francis returns from his HIA and Myler makes way.

  • 31

    Chiefs box from the lineout and Mallinder is there. Saints come wide left before coming the other way. Brüssow breaks through but his offload finds Chiefs hands. And eventually a penalty comes from the home side at the breakdown. Steenson sends to touch for a lineout within Saints' half.

  • 30

    Beautiful pick up from Harrison at the scrum who bounces Woodburn before offloading to Groom. He nearly makes it but is just pushed into touch before the line. Lineout Chiefs.

  • 28

    Saints play on well after the lineout and Tuala makes good ground down the right but his offload to Mallinder finds Chiefs hands and they play on. But good defence from Saints puts the pressure on and Chiefs knock on. Scrum Saints inside the Chiefs half.

  • 27

    Saints earn a penalty at the breakdown but the kick to touch doesn't make it and Chiefs clear themselves. Lineout Saints but back within their own half.

  • 26

    And Ma'afu and Brüssow enter play again as we restart, with van Wyk returning to the bench.

  • 25


    ... sends the kick straight through to put Saints back in front!

    7 - 10
  • 24

    Another solid scrum from Saints and they come to the midfield quickly. Saints are making steady progress but Chiefs' defence is holding for now. But Saints earn the penalty for a high tackle and Myler points to the sticks.

  • 22

    Groom boxes from the lineout but Woodburn is there. Chiefs come wide but knock on. Scrum Saints back within Chiefs' half.

  • 21

    Penalty Saints at the scrum, even with seven men, and Mallinder clears to touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 20

    HIA for Francis as he takes a big hit in the build up, Myler takes his place.

  • 20

    Chiefs are using their extra man to their advantage and whip the ball wide into space. They keep working to get over the line but Gibson and Francis hold the ball up. Scrum down then.

  • 19

    Penalty Chiefs at the scrum as the referee deems the ball to not have been out when Groom dived on it. Steenson does the honours and Chiefs have the lineout inside Saints' half.

  • 19

    van Wyk enters play as we set the scrum with Brüssow making way.

  • 18

    Good pressure from Tuala at the restart before the rest of his team get there. Chiefs box under the pressure and Saints mount another attack. But Saints get penalised at the breakdown as Groom knocks on. Scrum Chiefs.

  • 16

    Ridley also shows Ma'afu a yellow card.

  • 16

    Penalty Try Chiefs

    The maul gets close to the line and referee Christophe Ridley gets under the posts to award the full seven points.

    7 - 7
  • 15

    Chiefs look to maul the lineout but get nowhere. The ball comes out and Saints look to be over it but Chiefs are awarded the penalty. Steenson sends it to the corner.

  • 15

    Chiefs are on the rampage but Saints defend well and a huge hit forces the knock on. Saints play on and Mallinder clear to touch. Lineout Chiefs.

  • 14


    ... adds the simple extras too!

    0 - 7
  • 14


    Brilliant handling from Saints and a beautiful offload from Gibson sees Horne with space for the score!

    0 - 5
  • 14

    Chiefs clear the lineout and Mallinder there. Saints are mounting another attack now and are coming wide quickly...

  • 10

    Groom comes off the back of the scrum quickly and offloads to Mallinder who clears. Chiefs are there though but fumble the handling and Saints chip the ball on. Foden and Horne are in pursuit. Horne gets there and Francis chips through again. But Chiefs ear the penalty at the breakdown and Steenson clears. Lineout Chiefs just outside their 22.

  • 8

    Chiefs make good progress but knock on in Saints' 22 and Saints will have this scrum.

  • 6

    Penalty Chiefs at the scrum and Steenson sends to touch for a lineout on Saints' 22.

  • 5

    A solid scrum from Saints and Harrison picks up before bouncing his opposite. Saints make some good ground before aerial tennis ensues. Saints' pressure pays off again though as they earn a penalty at the breakdown. Francis sends the ball towards touch but puts too much on it and we'll come back for a scrum on halfway.

  • 3

    Chiefs come wide off the lineout quickly but Saints are there and eventually their efforts pay off as Hill knocks on. Scrum Saints just inside their own half.

  • 2

    Penalty Chiefs at the lineout and Steenson sends it into touch for another lineout, this one on halfway.

  • 1

    HIA replacement for Chiefs. Chudley leaves with Townsend coming into play.

  • 1

    Chiefs collect the kick-off cleanly and after building a few phases, box. Mallinder is there and he give Brüssow a chance to barge through a few Chiefs defenders. This is solid attack from Saints but their last pass goes into touch and Chiefs will have the lineout just outside their own 22.

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    Chiefs v Saints is on!