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    We had more players return to action, including Ahsee Tuala, Dylan Hartley and Campese Ma'afu, and had to adjust in midfield regularly. But while there were positives, there will be plenty to talk about on the long journey home and during the week ahead of next Friday's final friendly against Ulster

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    Some immediate reflections from Stirling

    Sometimes wins are pretty, sometimes they're ugly, and sometimes you need a bit of luck. Today's ended up being a bit of a combination of the second and third of these options, as Saints had to fight their way back against a Glasgow team that had the bit between its teeth for long periods of the second half. They may very well have conceded a penalty midway through the move that ended up sealing the victory, but they played on while the home fans started to boo and showed the virtue of competing right up until the final whistle.

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    Saints get the win in Stirling

    Mitchell kicks the ball dead and Saints head home with the win

  • 86

    Glasgow try to run from deep, Saints force them into touch. "Last play!" shouts Hartley, and Saints win the lineout

  • 85

    Glasgow make a mess of it, Saints recover possession and Mallinder does the sensible thing and sends play way downfield and into touch. The chase is good, too, and Glasgow can't take a quick throw

  • 84

    A last chance for Glasgow!

    A couple of minutes to play according to our clocks, and Glasgow win a penalty which is kicked to Saints' 22

  • 82

    Into injury time again and Glasgow try an attack from deep, but a fumble gives Saints a scrum on their own 10m line

  • 80

    Mallinder adds the extras

    The home fans aren't happy. Saints were working their way upfield, but Mitchell seems to be holding onto the ball at a breakdown to prevent a turnover. Play continues, though, and James Grayson sends Collins through a hole all the way to the line

    14 - 19
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    Collins is over!!

    14 - 17
  • 76

    Mitchell is over!!

    A solid maul, followed by picking and driving to suck in the defenders, and Mitchell is over from close range. Mallinder misses the conversion though

    14 - 12
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    Great position coming up

    Saints win a penalty on halfway and Mallinder sends play all the way to the 5m line with a tremendous kick

  • 72

    Saints force a fumble with some powerful defence and get the chance to impose some pressure, but the attack slows down over time and Mallinder puts boot to ball. It's also a bit harum-scarum from both teams, and after Glasgow get a charge down they send an ill-advised pass into touch on the far side. Saints throw just inside Glasgow's half

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    Saints win the throw and send a good kick upwards, and with a solid chase Glasgow are forced to put boot to ball themselves. They get a break, too, as Mallinder puts his foot on the sideline trying to keep play alive, but Saints force a fumble and Mitchell sends play into the home half

  • 67

    A bit of a let off for Saints for sure. The defence is pretty decent, but Jamie Elliott is a bit outnumbered on the far side, and is a bit lucky when the pass over the top bounces into touch for a Saints throw 15m inside their own half

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    George Furbank and Reece Marshall enter the fray

    Sometimes when things go against you, they really do. Mallinder puts boot to ball from the scrum but it sails all the way upfield and over the dead ball line, so we'll restart with a Glasgow scrum on Saints' 22

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    Saints go through a couple of phases and Mallinder sends up a huge Garryowen, but while the chasers are there it's Glasgow who come up with the ball. They head upfield again but a forward pass gives Saints a scrum

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    Ribbons back onto the pitch along with Ben Nutley

    Saints defended that lineout really well to earn a scrum, with the front row then forcing a penalty that Mallinder clears 30m upfield

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    Glasgow win a penalty and it's sent to the corner

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    More defending to come for Saints

    They win a ball back after a Glasgow throw on the visitors' 22, but a fumble hands the Warriors a scrum and the hosts set up a promising attack

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    Alex Mitchell and Rory Hutchinson come on

    Glasgow have the bit between their teeth, and after Ashe is put through a gap by some lovely soft handling the ball is kicked to the corner to put Saints under pressure

  • 55

    This time it's Saints who lose their focus a bit, Collins dropping a straightforward pass from Foden deep in his own half. The winger recovers well to power upfield for a few metres, but Glasgow's defence is strong and wins a scrum

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    Changes on both sides

    Jamie Elliott and Teimana Harrison are on for Estelles and Eadie, and there's a good ovation for Nairn, who's been receiving treatment for some time while play was happening elsewhere

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    Hastings chips the conversion

    That was a great score by Glasgow that's come completely against the run of play. Saints were piling on the pressure on the home line, but when Mallinder chips and the chasing line isn't as organised as it might have been Glasgow spy space and turn on the afterburners. Mallinder and Foden combine to slow the attack down a bit, but there are too many black shirts there in support and the try is a formality

    14 - 7
  • 50

    Adam Ashe finishes an end-to-end score

    12 - 7
  • 47

    Tuala tackles a Warrior into touch for a Saints throw just outside the home 22, and it's a great position for the visitors. Glasgow deserve credit for keeping the ball in hand, but it should have really been sent downfield there

  • 44

    Lovely run from Collins

    This time it's Saints' turn to attack from deep and Collins scythes through the home defence to make 50m very quickly. Estelles is found with the pass, but Glasgow scramble, Saints fumble and the hosts have a scrum just inside their own 22

  • 43

    Glasgow on the front foot

    Saints challenge well at the scrum, but when the ball goes to the air it's a bit of a non-contest between Groom and the much larger Leonardo Sarto. The Warriors retain possession and Hastings finds Lee Jones on the far side. He's in the clear and has plenty of support, but he ignores the men inside him and Saints eventually get a scrum

  • 40

    We're back underway!

    Saints have changed the front row and straight away the visitors are on the front foot, Groom being put through a hole by a nice offload. Play comes left but Glasgow get a lineout. Jamie Gibson wins it against the throw but Dylan Hartley fumbles for a home scrum

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    Who's caught the eye?

    Eadie has made metres regularly with ball in hand, and Mallinder has distributed play really well since moving to fly half. Ahsee Tuala has scored, but has taken a bit of time to adjust to outside centre, and it's been good to see the likes of Campese Ma'afu in action for the first time this summer

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    A half of two halves

    In the opening 20 minutes Saints were really under the cosh. Glasgow were attacking with pace and power and had the visitors on the rack. Their score was certainly deserved. But in the last 20 minutes Saints have become increasingly dominant and should really be in front, but for a couple of mistakes too many

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    James Craig catches, but the following play is a tad slipshod and when Campese Ma'afu loses the ball in contact the half is brought to an end

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    Christian Day for Ribbans

    Ribbans stays down and is replaced, and Day starts his action by catching a lineout deep in the home half - a Glasgow clearance having gone straight into touch. Saints win a penalty and Mallinder kicks to the 5m line

  • 40

    Saints keep coming forward, but David Ribbans loses the ball in contact and Glasgow send a speculative kick downfield. Mallinder chips and collects and Saints are back in the home half, only for Juan Pablo Estelles to be tackled into touch

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    Saints stay straight in the drive, Glasgow don't, and Mallinder sends play to just outside the home 22

  • 40

    Glasgow are renowned for their open-field running, and they show their intent with a quick throw in after Groom's clearance goes into touch from outside the 22. In hindsight it was a bit of a rash decision, not least because the ball goes forward for a Saints scrum

  • 38

    Tuala gets the try!!

    Saints set up a maul, a black shirt tries to pull it down, and playing with an advantage Mallinder sends through a chip for Tuala to dot down by the sticks. Mallinder adds the extras

    7 - 7
  • 37

    Saints make some good metres in the tight, and while Glasgow slow play down they do so illegally and Mallinder puts the ball into the corner. The best chance of the half so far coming up for Saints

  • 35

    Glasgow seem to be losing their composure a bit, as Horne puts a clearance kick straight into touch. Saints throw on the home 22

  • 34

    Saints set up the maul this time, but referee Adamson calls an accidental offside and Glasgow have another scrum

  • 33

    Here comes the rain again...

    Not long until Saints will have the conditions at their backs! Glasgow though keep the ball in hand from the scrum for the first phase before Hastings puts a kick in, and he'll be disappointed to have only made the 22

  • 32

    Mallinder is getting into his groove on the distribution front, and Ahsee Tuala has his first decent run of the day. Saints retain possession, win a penalty and then go to the touchline on the far side. But they can't make the most of the chance, fumbling the ball 10m out for a Glasgow scrum

  • 31

    Burrell trucks it up and Charlie Clare carries well before Mallinder spots some space on the far side and sends a lovely chip to the home 22

  • 30

    Play restarts with a scrum and a change for Glasgow in the front row. They keep the ball well and Hastings puts through a kick to the visitors' 22. Burrell returns to the play and Saints get a penalty, which Mallinder kicks into the home half

  • 27

    Rory Hutchinson comes on

    The Scotland Under-20 international will go into midfield, with Mallinder switching to 10. Francis is on his feet, but there was no hesitation in getting him off the pitch

  • 25

    It was a bit of a pedestrian attack from Saints for a while there, and just as they start to get a bit of momentum Foden sends an interception to Nairn. Glasgow are on the halfway line quickly, but their own attack is halted by referee Mike Adamson so Francis can get treatment after staying down

  • 24

    Turnovers a'plenty from both teams

    Glasgow win the ball at a breakdown deep in their own half, but then Saints get it back on the home 22. It's a decent position. but the green shirts are congested around the ball and the Warriors' defence is forcing them back

  • 22

    Hughes is off permanently

    It's a shame to see the full back stay off from a rugby perspective as he'd been playing well. Meanwhile Glasgow win a penalty at Saints' scrum, but then lose the ball at the lineout, and Saints work their way downfield

  • 19

    Hughes is off for an HIA, and it's now some of the visitors who catch the eye with ball in hand. Eadie makes some good metres, and then Francis is put into a gap by Ben Foden. Collins puts some pace on it, but the defence is good. Both sides then get away with going off their feet at the ruck before Glasgow win a turnover. They can't capitalise on it, losing the ball for a Saints scrum

  • 16

    Full back Hughes is a big lad and he cuts a great line against the defence to put Saints onto the back foot. Play comes left but the ball rebounds off James Malcolm's head. It's not a fumble so Horne can chase, but he does so from an offside position and Saints get a penalty. Francis clears to the 10m line, a decent nudge against the wind

  • 15

    Saints win the throw and clear, but Glasgow restart in a decent position some 40m out from Saints' line and go through phases

  • 13

    Saints are back under pressure, Glasgow winning a turnover on halfway and then kicking to the visitors' 5m line. They're also having to readjust in midfield, Luther Burrell coming off early for Harry Mallinder

  • 12

    Adam Hastings adds the extras

    Eadie had made good metres from the scrum, but Francis's clearance stayed infield, and when Glasgow worked the ball to the far side Nairn maintained his balance to draw the last man and feed Horne for a nice score

    7 - 0
  • 10

    Glasgow on the score board

    Scrum-half George Horne is put away by Robbie Nairn for the first try of the day

    5 - 0
  • 8

    A decision goes Saints' way this time as they hold up Glasgow's driving maul. But with Eadie looking like he was on the wrong side of the maul did the visitors get away with one there? Doesn't matter in the end as they can clear their lines

  • 6

    Glasgow come wide and make 20 metres before getting themselves another scrum after Saints fumble trying to win a turnover. But there should have been a scrum the other way earlier in the play with a blatant forward pass. Another decision then goes the hosts' way as Saints are penalised for a deliberate wheel and Adam Hastings - son of Scotland legend Gavin - sends play to 15m out from the Saints' line

  • 5

    Mitch Eadie makes metres off the base, Nic Groom sends the box kick skyward, and while Tom Collins's chase is good the ball comes off his hands for a Glasgow scrum on their own 10m line, far side

  • 3

    The first major run of the game comes from home full back Rory Hughes. Saints' kick ahead was good, dropping just outside the 22, but Hughes gets helped by a half-block to go into space and a few seconds later he's on the Saints' 22. The defence scrambles and wins a scrum on the far side

  • 1

    It's a deep kick off from Francis, and while Glasgow fumble a couple of times the ball goes backwards each time. Eventually a long kick comes in, fielded by Francis on the touchline and Saints start to go through phases on halfway

  • KO

    KICK OFF!!

    Piers Francis gets us underway, with the Saints playing into the conditions in the first half

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    Facebook, Twitter and Saints Live - one pair of hands, time to type quickly!!

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    Welcome to Stirling

    This is certainly a day for all-weather preparations - we've had regular periods of strong rain and there's a healthy breeze here in central Scotland. It's certainly a contrast to the balmy Gardens we had last Saturday and on Thursday night!