• 80

    Saints make good progress but lose the ball in contact and that ends the game.

  • 79

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Myler sends it into touch for a Saints lineout.

  • 79

    Quins earn a penalty at the scrum and try to take it quickly but Doyle calls them back. Scrum Quins again just metres from Saints' line.

  • 78

    Saints look to attack off the scrum and nearly get the ball away but a huge hit on Groom Roberts ends that attack. Scrum Quins.

  • 77

    Eventually the strength in defence pays off for Saints and they earn the put in at the scrum.

  • 76

    Slow from the home side as they look for a gap in Saints' defence that doesn't seem to be coming.

  • 75

    Lineiut Quins as Foden's chips through finds touch. Quins whip the ball wide and Elia makes some yards. Walker scoots forwards some more and Quins are close.

  • 73


    ... converts too!

    50 - 21
  • 73


    The maul makes it over and it's Haywood with the ball and Saints' third score!

    50 - 19
  • 72

    Lineout Saints and the maul is heading for the whitewash quickly...

  • 72

    Ward and Visser are replaced by Elia and Lang for the home side.

  • 72

    Ford-Robinson makes way for Hill as we set this.

  • 71

    Saints are attacking well here and fluid play nearly sees them over. The ball comes wide the other way though and though Nutley is there with space in front of him, he knocks on. Scrum Quins.

  • 68


    ... converts too.

    50 - 14
  • 68

    Try Quins.

    This time we get the scrum away quickly and Kitto races off the back before Luamanu scurries over.

    48 - 14
  • 67

    We set and re-set and re-set the scrum before Quins are awarded the penalty there. They opt for another scrum.

  • 65

    Quins change Care and Sinckler for Kitto and Swainston.

  • 65

    van Wyk, Ribbans and Reinach enter place for Saints, replacing Ma'afu, Ratuniayarawa and North.

  • 65

    Myler decides that's enough and sends the all into touch. Lineout Quins near halfway.

  • 63

    Care spots space in behind and chips through. Mallinder is there but Walker defends well and Saints are having to attack out of their own 22.

  • 62

    Saints counterattack well after Quins chip through but Ratuniyarawa just loses the ball in contact and Quins play on.

  • 60

    Quins earn an early lineout and Saints get up to steal it. The ball comes wide to Myler who whips it to Foden but the winger can't keep a hold of it. Scrum Quins.

  • 58

    Haywood and Nutley enter play for Saints replacing Hartley and Harrison respectively.

  • 58


    ... adds the extras.

    43 - 14
  • 57

    Try Quins.

    Care scoots through and over for his second of the afternoon.

    41 - 14
  • 57

    Roberts breaks through but is taken down before the line. Quins working hard though here and could be in...

  • 56

    Mallinder clears from the restart and Smith returns the ball to him. The full-back goes for it himself and his offload finds Foden, the winger is in touch though. Lineout Quins.

  • 54


    ... converts the score too!

    36 - 14
  • 53


    Harrison gets Saints close and Groom darts over to finish the job!!

    36 - 12
  • 53

    Harrison nearly breaks through at Saints work their way forwards. They're within inches again...

  • 52

    Saints attack well again and gain some ground before earning a penalty at the breakdown. Myler sends the ball into touch for a lineout just outside the Quins' 22.

  • 51

    Care comes quickly off the scrum and chip through but his kick goes straight out. Lineout Saints then.

  • 50

    Saints clear from the restart and Quins have the lineout. They earn a free kick there and opt for a scrum.

  • 48


    ... adds a drop goal conversion too!

    36 - 7
  • 48


    Api makes it close before Horne finishes off the job!! Great attack from Saints!

    36 - 5
  • 47

    Gibson gets up for the lineout and Saints maul towards the line. They're very close!!

  • 46

    Saints bring the ball wide and Myler looks set to score but Chisholm gets a hand to the ball. It's ten in the sin bin for the Quins flanker and another attacking lineout for Saints.

  • 45

    Good lineout from Saints who maul towards the line but it's brought down illegally by Quins and Saints have the penalty. Myler puts it int the corner again for another go.

  • 45

    Brown clears from the restart and Mallinder is there. Foden comes through too. Saints earn the penalty at the breakdown though and Doyle gives the side ten more metres too. Myler sends the penalty into the corner for a lineout five metres out.

  • 43


    ... sends the conversion wide though.

    36 - 0
  • 42

    Try Quins.

    The ball comes wide to Visser who has space to spare out wide for his second.

    36 - 0
  • 41

    Groom boxes from the restart but Brown is there. He breaks through the Saints' line and chips for Roberts to chase. Gibson is there and the ball comes left for Foden he clears and Quins will have the lineout just inside Saints' 22.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣

    Smith gets us back underway here at HQ.

  • HT

  • 40

    Smith wastes no time getting the ball off the pitch to end the half.

  • 39

    Care boxes from the back of it and very scrappy play from both sides here. Eventually Doyle awarded Quins the scrum.

  • 38

    Scrum down to Saints then and while the men in black, green and gold make good progress Mallinder is pushed into touch. Lineout Quins then.

  • 37

    Francis leaves the field with Myler coming on in his place.

  • 37

    Roberts puts in a huge tackles on Francis and a clash of heads sees the fly-half down. We pause the game while he's treated.

  • 37

    Harrison defends well from the scrum and the progress slows for Quins. Care boxes and Saints will have the lineout just inside the Quins half.

  • 35

    Brilliant stuff from Saints off the scrum and they're back within yards again. But Hartley knocks on in contact and Quins will have this scrum.

  • 34

    Saints make it within metres but as the ball comes wide Quins knock on and Saints will have the scrum on the home 22 line.

  • 32

    Lawes gets up for the restart and scurries forwards with the ball. Saints are attacking Quins' 22 now.

  • 32


    ... converts the score.

    31 - 0
  • 31

    Try Quins.

    Quins push on and eventually a gap opens for Care to sneak through for the bonus point score.

    29 - 0
  • 30

    Scrappy from Saints at the lineout and Quins have the ball. Smith chips though for Visser but Mallinder gets there. He tries to offload to North but the winger doesn't quite get there. Lineout Quins five metres from Saints' try line.

  • 29

    Brown spots space in behind and kicks through. Walker is in pursuit but the ball finds touch. Lineout Saints just inside their own 22.

  • 28

    Saints look fluid in attack as they whip the ball left. Foden is pushed into touch through and Quins have the lineout just inside their own half.

  • 27

    Free kick Saints at the scrum this time and Groom takes it quickly. North makes a good first impact, earning Saints important yards. Francis chip through but the ball goes dead and Quins take the 22 drop quickly. Saints are there in defence though and force handling errors from the hime team. Chisholm calms things and Quins are back on the attack. Walker knock on out wide though and Saints have the scrum.

  • 25

    Free kick Quins at the scrum and the home side opt for another.

  • 24

    Tuala leaves the field with North replacing him.

  • 23

    Care boxes from the restart and Mallinder slips under the high ball. Scrum Quins on halfway.

  • 22


    ... converts too.

    24 - 0
  • 21

    Try Quins.

    This time Visser's score is given as he darts down the left again.

    22 - 0
  • 20

    Scrappy from both sides now. Both getting attacking chances and both chipping through to the other side. Quins slow things down and Care sends the box up. Francis is there but Burrell loses the ball in contact just after and Quins have another huge overlap out wide...

  • 19


    ... adds the simple extras from in front of the posts.

    17 - 0
  • 19

    Try Quins.

    After a short trip to the TMO, Walker is awarded the try.

    15 - 0
  • 18

    Good defence from Saints again at the restart but Quins send out the big guns and Sinckler and Luamanu make some ground. Brown decides to go himself before Smith chips over. Quins work their way up the pitch and have an overlap there if they can exploit it...

  • 16


    ... sends the penalty through to see Quins into double digits.

    10 - 0
  • 15

    Saints push forwards off the lineout but are penalised for holding at the breakdown. Penalty Quins and Smith points for the posts.

  • 15

    No Try. Lineout Saints then just five metres from their line.

  • 14

    Saints have an overlap out wide but Visser steps up and intercepts. He makes it some way before Saints scramble back. Quins continue to push though and and Visser scampers down the left again. We're with the TMO to see if he's scored...

  • 13

    Scrappy from Quins on the restart and Saints defend well there. Care decides to box the ball away but Mallinder is there and Harrison charges through Quins line after that. Quins defence is holding for now but Saints are pushing hard here.

  • 11


    ... sends through the simple conversion.

    7 - 0
  • 11

    Try Quins.

    Brown makes good progress down the right before the ball comes inside and Ward cuts a brilliant line through Saints' defence to score.

    5 - 0
  • 10

    Groom boxes as Quins' defence holds Saints on halfway but Brown is there. And Quins are now pushing their way back up the pitch.

  • 9

    Smith clears from the lineout and finds Mallinder. Though the Quins defence gets there quickly Saints still have the ball and are attacking down the left.

  • 8

    Quins clear from the back of their lineout and Saints have one of their own. The ball just slept through Lawes' fingers but Saints have the ball back quickly. Francis looks to chip to space but the ball goes straight out. Lineout Quins on halfway.

  • 7

    Another good attacking play from Quins who nearly get over but Brown's chip forwards finds Groom instead. Saints mount an attack of their own with Tuala slicing through the Quins defence. Burrell is there in support. Tuala chips through and though Burrell is there he's pushed into touch just before he can dot the ball down.

  • 5

    Mallinder clears well off the scrum and pushed play back to near halfway. Lineout Quins.

  • 5

    Quins attack well but Sinckler knock on as he crossed the 22 and Saints will have the scrum there.

  • 4

    A good scrum from the home team but Saints defence is there quickly. Saints are pinged for not rolling away though and Quins have the first penalty. Smith sends the ball into touch for a lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 2

    Burrell charges into contact off the back of the scrum but loses the ball there and Quins play on. Eventually Care says that's enough and boxes but Ford-Robinson is there. The ball comes out to Groom but he's enveloped by Robshaw and now Quins will have the scrum.

  • 1

    Knock on Quins at the kick-off. Scrum down with a Saints put in for the first play of this Big Game.

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    Francis gets our second Twickenham trip of the season started!