• FT

  • 80

    Saints maul from the lineout but are held up and the referee blows his whistle to end the game.

  • 80

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and under the new laws we're going for one final lineout.

  • 79

    Bath whip the ball wide to Rokoduguni but the ball goes forwards. We set a scrum with the last play.

  • 79

    Bath slowly make their way back up to halfway before Burrell puts a huge hit in to halt their progress.

  • 78

    No try and no penalty... We have a 22 drop instead. Foden collects and chips through. Bath have the ball but Saints are defending hard.

  • 78

    Bath are in possession from the restart but Burns chips through and Foden is there. Collins storms through Bath's defence and chips through, he chases but is taken out. North and Reinach are chasing though, has Reinach got a hand to it? We go to the TMO for both things...

  • 77

    Saints replace Haywood and Mallinder with Marshall and Grayson on the restart.

  • 76


    ... converts the try too!

    24 - 6
  • 76


    North gets over out wide for the bonus point score after Saints work hard to create an overlap.

    22 - 6
  • 74

    Cobus Reinach replaces Nic Groom at scrum-half for Saints.

  • 74

    North runs the ball straight back at Bath before the ball is chipped through for Horne to chase. Max Clarks gets there first but slides into touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 73

    Groom defends well as Faletau looks to charge from the back of the scrum and bath are forced to kick. Gibson charges down and we have a 22 drop for Bath.

  • 71

    The TMO deems no try though and we come back for a Bath scrum for the knock on from Burrell.

  • 70

    Saints maul from the lineout before coming out to the midfield quickly. Burrell attempts to break before Day pushes them further. Burrell chases a chip through and though he fumbles the ball Horne thinks he's over...

  • 69

    Scrum down to Saints to restart and they earn the penalty. Mallinder opts to go for the corner in search of the fourth try. Lineout Saints on Bath's 22.

  • 68

    The player was Sam Underhill, who is leaving the pitch for further assessment but Bath haven't got any replacements to they play with 14.

  • 67

    We've got a pause in play here while a Bath player is down.

  • 67

    Bath also make two changes, Banahan returns with Priestland making way and Anthony Perenise makes way for Scott Andrews.

  • 67

    Three changes for Saints: Day, Ludlam and Foden enter play for Paterson, Harrison and Tuala.

  • 66

    Bath turnover in contact but Watson fumbles the ball out into touch. We come back for a scrum to Bath though.

  • 66

    Bath strip the ball from Saints but the home side earn a turnover almost straight away and are pushing their way into Bath's 22.

  • 65

    Apologies a Bath lineout, free kick at the scrum not a pen. They chip over the Saints line but Mallinder is there and Saints are attacking once again.

  • 64

    Bath's lineout isn't straight and we have a Saints scrum. Then Bath are penalised at the scrum and we have a Saints lineout within Bath's half after a huge kick to touch from Mallinder.

  • 63

    Campese Ma'afu replaces Alex Waller in the front row for Saints.

  • 62

    Bath pressure Saints on the restart and force Paterson into touch to earn themselves a lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 62

    Bath's Ewels returns from his HIA with Elliott Stooke making way while Freddie Burns replaces Banahan.

  • 61

    Groom boxes but Bath collect it easily and whip it wide for Rokoduguni, he gets nowhere though. Bath come back left and chip forwards for Banahan to collect but it finds touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 60

    Free kick Bath at the scrum and they go quickly. Jospeh comes racing at Saints but the defence is there. Bath are forced to kick. North is there to collect and Saints are attacking from their own 22.

  • 58

    Saints knock on at the lineout so we have another scrum. Bath with the put in on halfway.

  • 58

    Changes for Bath. James Phillips replaces Charlie Ewels and Max Clarks comes on for Ben Tapuai.

  • 57

    Saints chip through but Bath collect and go for a cross field of their own. Matt Banana knocks the ball into touch though and Saints have a lineout back where they were originally.

  • 57

    Bath fumble the lineout though and Saints attempt a cross field. Preistland just gets there first but slices his clearance kick and Saints have a lineout within Bath's half.

  • 56

    Bath go for an attack but Saints pressure them well and they're forced to clear. They get the lineout though.

  • 55

    Both sides make front row changes on the restart with Kieran Brookes replacing Paul Hill for Saint and Beno Obano and Tom Dunn switching with Nick Auterac and Jack Walker for Bath

  • 53


    ... sends his conversion just wide though.

    17 - 6
  • 53


    A second of the night for the big Saints lock after some impressive attack from the home side!

    17 - 6
  • 52

    Lawes gets up and disrupts the lineout and Saints are back in attack. Burrell breaks and Gibson is there on his shoulder but the flanker is taken down. Saints are pushing again though and they're close to the line...

  • 51

    A huge shove from Bath earns them the penalty, they send it into touch for a lineout.

  • 50

    Ribbans barges through once again but Saints knock on in contact again. Scrum Bath but it's on their own 10 metre line.

  • 49

    This time we get the scrum done and Bath are having to work hard to hold onto possession as Saints are ruthless in their defence. Allinson boxes and Saints have the lineout just outside Bath's 22.

  • 48

    After a short water break, we set the scrum. And then re-set the scrum.

  • 47

    North comes inside off his wing off the back of the scrum and Saints are back on the attack quickly. Ribbans breaks through and up to the 10 metres line before Saints go for the phase play, they look good but knock on in contact. Scrum Bath well within their own 22.

  • 46

    Scrum Saints as they hold Bath up in the maul. Good defence from the home side there. Scrum down.

  • 45

    Paterson breaks through the Bath midfield before Groom boxes once again. Watson is there for to collect through and Bath push before Priestland kicks through to space. Tuala gets back and clears well. Lineout Bath back within their own half.

  • 43

    Bath clear from the scrum but Tuala is there and Saints push their way back into Bath's half. Groom boxes for Collins to chase but Bath just get there first. Preistland clears and we have another Saints lineout.

  • 41

    Lawes towers into the lineout but Saints knock on in contact. Scrum Bath on their own 22.

  • 40

    Saints pressure Bath well from the restart and force them to go for the boz. Lineout Saints just outside Bath's 22.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Mallinder gets us restarted for what's sure to be a big half of rugby!

  • HT

    A brilliant first half of rugby from Saints to keep their guests on the back foot though somewhat of a slow burner in the middle of the half. When Bath have had possession they look dangerous though. All to play for still in the second 40...

  • HT

  • 40


    ... converts too!

    12 - 6
  • 39


    A brilliant score before the break from Saints there! Ribbans the man over the whitewash after some strong phase play from the forwards.

    10 - 6
  • 39

    Gibson is the target and Saints maul it up. They're at the 10 metres line with an advantage coming...

  • 38

    Quick ball from Saints looks promising before a high tackle on Mallinder slows things. The fly half sends the ball into touch for a Saints lineout well within Bath's 22.

  • 37

    Huge scrum from Saints this time and a penalty too! Mallinder sends it into touch for a Saints lineout just inside Bath's half.

  • 35

    Knock on Bath in the lineout and Saints will have the put in at the scrum on their own 22.

  • 34

    Another good shove from the away side sees them earn another penalty and Preistland sends the ball into the Church's stand for a lineout just within Saints' 22.

  • 33

    Collins gets to the restart and the ball is in Saints hands. Harrison and Ribbans team up to get Saints more ground but the ball is lost forwards in the next contact. Scrum Bath.

  • 32


    ... sends his kick through to put Bath ahead.

    5 - 6
  • 31

    Scrum down with a Bath put in then and they earn the penalty after a huge shove. Priestland points for the posts.

  • 30

    Bath make two changes, Darren Allinson fills Fotuali'i's spot and their skipper Matt Garvey makes way for Paul Grant.

  • 30

    Saints are attacking with speed now and Bath are now down to 14 as Kahn Fotuali'i leaves the field for a HIA. But Saints knock on and we have a Bath scrum.

  • 28

    Bath clear the restart and when Tuala can't control the high ball, collect possession again. They soon chip through though and Tuala redeems himself with some brilliant footwork. Saints are back on the attack again and into Bath's half

  • 27


    ... gets the penalty from in front of the posts.

    5 - 3
  • 26

    Harrison barges through but is pinged for moving whilst held by a defender by referee Tom Foley. Bath point for the posts.

  • 25

    Bath clear from the back of their scrum well and Saints have a lineout but within their own 22.

  • 23

    Saints go for what would have been a brilliant move off the lineout, with Horne poised to break through the midfield with no Bath defenders in front of him but the centre can't quite get to the ball and knocks on. Scrum bath.

  • 24

    Lawes makes his way further into the Bath half before Mallinder goes for a cross field kick over to Collins. Rokoduguni is there though and he calls for the mark. 22 drop Bath and then a lineout to Saints on halfway.

  • 22

    Scrum Saints as Bath are pinged for not moving at the ruck and a little show and go from North gets Saints well back within Bath's half.

  • 21

    Bath fumble this lineout and Saints come away with the ball. Burrell chips up for Watson to collect and is then there for the tackle as he takes it. Bath too chip but Collins gets to the high ball first. Saints are attacking again and back in Bath's half.

  • 20

    Bath are sending the forwards to the line but somehow Harrison comes away with the ball! Groom sends the ball back to Mallinder for the clear. Bath have the lineout but that was great defence from Saints.

  • 19

    Bath take their lineout and go for the maul. They make it up to the Saints' 22 before the ball comes out. Saints are having to defend hard here, their guests are attacking hard.

  • 18

    Bath are pressing Saints here but the home side defend well and manage to get a turn over. Groom clears with a box. Lineout Bath now.

  • 18

    Saints secure the lineout well again and come out to the midfield. Burrell bounces his opposite man but Bath get a boot to the ball as a pass finds the ground instead of Saints' hands. Bath then earn a penalty at the breakdown and send it into the corner. Lineout Bath on Saints' 22.

  • 15

    Ribbans is up for the lineout and Saints come off it quickly. Patient phase play makes them some years before North decides to take over. He barges through a couple of defenders but the ball is lost forwards in contact. Bath clear. Lineout Saints just outside the 22.

  • 13

    Brilliant defensive effort from Saints here, they're holding Bath well on the halfway and a monster tackle from David Ribbans earns them the penalty. Mallinder sends it into the corner for a Saints lineout within Bath's 22.

  • 12

    Bath have the ball and are working Saints left to right but Jamie Gibson is there to collect some sloppy passing from the away side. He makes some ground before Mallinder clears. Lineout Bath just inside Saints' half.

  • 11

    Preistland soon clears though and Saints are back in possession. They're pushed back into their own 22 though and Groom clears the immediate pressure. Lineout Bath just outside Saints' 22.

  • 10

    Free kick Saints as Bath push early and Groom takes it quickly. Huge carries from Teimana Harrison and Lawes get Saints up to halfway before Mallinder goes for the cross field. Bath collect though.

  • 9

    Tom Foley decides to change his mind, saying that Bath have knocked on and Saints have the scrum. Groom clears from base and Anthony Watson collects but knock on in contact. Scrum Saints in almost the same spot.

  • 8

    Scrum down to Saints then and the carry well off it before Groom goes for the box. North looked like he's secured it but Bath have the ball. Priestland soon clears though and Saints knock on under the high ball. Scrum Bath.

  • 6

    Michael Paterson gets up to disrupt Bath's lineout as Saints' clear from the restart goes straight out. Though Bath manage to hang on to possession for a time, Saints work hard at the breakdown and earn the put in at the scrum.

  • 5


    ... sends the touchline conversion wide though.

    5 - 0
  • 4


    Lawes has space out wide and he stretched out to get there for Saints' first score with under five minutes on the clock!!

    5 - 0
  • 4

    Rob Horne makes his way through midfield and offloads well. Collins injects his pace and sends it to the skipper for tonight Courtney Lawes...

  • 2

    Saints come quickly off the scrum and Georg North released Tom Collins out wide who makes some ground. Bath are penalised for a high tackle on the winger though and Harry Mallinder sends the penalty into the corner. Lineout Saints in Bath's 22.

  • 1

    Saints clear well from the kick-off and though Bath have the lineout, they get penalised for a not straight throw and Saints have the scrum.

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    Second home match of the season for the men in black, green and gold... Saints v Bath is on!!