• FT

  • 80

    With the time run dow, Dragons are still pushing. It's painfully slow progress for the away side but eventually Saints push the ball into touch and we end the game.

  • 39

    Just enough time for the restart and Saints are penalised. Dragons take it quickly and are up to Saints' 22.

  • 39


    ... adds the extras too!!

    41 - 7
  • 79


    And it's another first score for the Saints for the young scrum half!!

  • 77

    Dragons get up for the lineout but Saints turn the ball over just afterwards and are pushing to the line again.

  • 76

    Saints send the resulting penalty into the corner and we'll have a lineout. Harrison gets up and Saints are awarded another penalty. This one is sent into the corner too.

  • 75

    Saints attack well from the resulting lineout and are stopped illegally just a metre from the line. It's a yellow card for Goodchild.

  • 74

    Dragons make progress but a turnover from the skipper Dickinson gets Saints back in attack. A brilliant chip through finds Dragons hands but the replacement wing is pushed into touch.

  • 73

    Saints are back on the attack and Harrison finds a gap in Dragons' line. He goes charging into the 22 before offloading to Mitchell. He's brought down though and Dragons earn the penalty. They clear and will have the lineout inside their own half.

  • 71

    Scrum down then and it's a strong one for Saints. Dragons somehow keep possession and charge up the pitch. They are slowed by Saints so opt for the cross field, it finds touch though and Saints will have the lineout.

  • 70

    Saints get over the whitewash after some impressive handling but the referee deems the last pass to have gone forwards and we set for a scrum.

  • 70

    Scrum Dragons as the lineout ends messily. We have to re-set this a few times too but Dragons end up with the advantage and the penalty. Their kick to touch doesn't make it though and Saints are back on the attack at pace!

  • 67

    Harrison replaces Wood for the Saints and Davis comes on at loosened for the Dragons with Garrett making way.

  • 66

    Dragons are pushing hard from that lineout but Saints earn the penalty at the breakdown and Grayson clears long again. Lineout Saints on Dragons' 22.

  • 65

    Saints are making good progress now and Stephenson barrels up the middle. But Saints are pinged at the next breakdown and Dragons clear to touch. Lineout Dragons on halfway.

  • 64

    Dragons also change their number eight, with Worthington leaving the field and Greggains entering play.

  • 63

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Grayson clears long for a lineout well within Dragons' half.

  • 62

    Mallinder, Paterson, Marshall and van Wyk all make way on the Saints side with Foden, Moon, Haywood and Beesley all entering play. Dragons also make a change, switching Davies, Robson and Hewitt for Leonard, O'Brien and Warren.

  • 60


    ... sends the tricky conversion wide though.

    34 - 7
  • 60


    No sooner had we restarted than the Saints were over the line again!! A brilliant run from Mallinder down the left wing set up Wood for a simple run in!

    34 - 7
  • 59

    Hill and Mitchell come on for Saints, replacing Ford-Robinson and Reinach who leave to a brilliant ovation from the crowd.

  • 58

    Reinach breaks through again and darts up to Dragons' 22 but knocks on in contact and we'll have a scrum.

  • 58


    ... adds the simple extras to the bonus point score too!

    29 - 7
  • 56


    Pisi breaks and Paterson is in pursuit. The lock takes over and offloads to Reinach as the last man tackles him. Brilliant score from the Saints!!

    27 - 7
  • 57

    Brilliant attack from Saints finds them back within Dragons' 22 quickly and close. Though Dragons turn over metres from the line Saints secure possession back again quickly and Pisi is through again...

  • 55

    A scrappy clear from the restart and the ball finds touch from a Dragons hand and Saints will have the lineout.

  • 54


    ... converts the score too.

    22 - 7
  • 53

    Try Dragons

    The maul gets them close and they bring the ball out to Joe Thomas for the score.

    22 - 5
  • 53

    Another maul from the Dragons and they're close...

  • 52

    Lineout Dragons from the restart and they attempt a maul but get nowhere. They earn a penalty though and Robson kicks to touch for a lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 50


    ... sends the conversion through too!!

    22 - 0
  • 49


    Brilliant interception from Pisi who races the 60 metres into the line for the score!!!

    20 - 0
  • 48

    Penalty Dragons as Saints are penalised at the lineout and Robson makes no mistake of earning them some metres. Lineout Dragons on Saints' 22.

  • 47

    A solid scrum and Dragons are soon back on the attack. Saints' defence holds firm though and they are forced to kick through. Mallinder is there and he clears well into touch. Lineout Dragons but inside they own half.

  • 45

    Dragons come quickly off the scrum and look to go wide but get covered by Saintsmen quickly. They knock the ball forwards and Saints play on but a forward pass sees us set for another scrum.

  • 43

    Eadie scampers through the Dragons line but knocks on in contact and Dragons will have the put in at the scrum just inside Saints' half.

  • 43


    ... sends the simple penalty through to see Saints three scores ahead.

    15 - 0
  • 42

    A brilliant line from Reinach sets Stephenson and the Hutchinson up to charge clear before the ball comes wide. Saints had an advantage coming and when the ball is lost forwards out wide we come back for the penalty and Myler points for the posts.

  • 41

    Dragons make some yards from the restart but Saints scramble and smother them. Davies boxes and good hands from Mallinder sees Saints back in attack. Myler sends a cross field over for Estelles but Dragons just get there. They clear but the kick goes straight out and Saints have the lineout inside Dragons' half.

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    Myler gets us restarted here at the Gardens!

  • HT

  • 40

    We've just enough time for the restart and as soon as the ball finds Saints hands it is shipped into touch to end the half.

  • 39


    ... adds the simple extras too!

    12 - 0
  • 39


    Patience from Saints sees Marshall over and the hooker earns his first points in a Saints shirt!!

    10 - 0
  • 38

    The lineout goes to the back to Paterson and Saints charge up the midfield off the back on it. Wood surges through the Dragons line and Saints suddenly have a lot of space out wide. Stephenson charges close and Saints are battling just a metre out now.

  • 37

    Dragons secure the possession at the scrum but scrappy play ensures and their forwards are forced to box. Reinach pressures well and Saints will have the lineout on Dragons' 22.

  • 35

    Dickinson takes the lineout well and Saints look to maul but Dragons push them back and earn the put in at the scrum.

  • 35

    We have a short pause in play while Reinach is tended too but we eventually get the scrum away after a few re-sets. Saints earn the penalty there and Myler sends the ball into touch for a lineout within metres of the line.

  • 33

    Stephenson carries well before Nutley scampers though. Saints are within metres but when the ball comes wide, Nutley can't control it and we'll have another scrum.

  • 32

    Dragons clear but good pressure from Saints doesn't earn them many metres and Saints have a lineout almost exactly where we were previously.

  • 31

    Paterson gets up for the lineout and the ball is churned wide to Pisi. Mallinder is also there and though he offloads to Reinach while being pushed into touch, the scrum-half crossing the line, we come back for a lineout where Mallinder was pushed into touch.

  • 30

    Dragons try some phase play before Davies decides that enough of that and send the ball into touch for a Saints lineout on the Dragons 22.

  • 29

    Estelles runs it hard before Reinach slips through the Dragons' line and darts nearly all the way in. The ball comes out to Nutley and then goes wide but Hutchinson can't quite get a hand to the ball to finish the score. Brilliant play from Saints though! Scrum Dragons metres from their own line.

  • 28

    Saints work hard from the scrum and Myler clears the danger. Dragons run it back at them though and Landman carries well to get them back within metres of the 22. But the Welshmen knock on and Saints play on.

  • 26

    Dragons push but knock on and Saints will have the put in at the scrum again.

  • 25

    Dragons work hard and get themselves closer to Saints' 22 before they try a cross field kick. It doesn't come off but they do have the penalty and another lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 24

    Dragons attack well before chipping through to touch. Estelles managed to keep it in and Reinach clears long again. Lineout Dragons within their own half.

  • 23

    Scrum down then and Eadie is soon charging back at the Dragons' line. Reinach clears well and though Dragons have the lineout it's back up near halfway.

  • 21

    Dragons maul from the lineout and get themselves close but Saints work hard and earn the scrum,

  • 21

    Dragons turn up the pace and spin the ball wide off the back of the lineout but good defence from Saints sees them in touch just metres from the line. The ball touched a Saints hand before it went out though and the Welshmen have the throw.

  • 20

    A solid scrum from both sides and Dragons clear. The ball doesn't find touch though but Mallinder makes sure it does with his kick. Lineout Dragons.

  • 19

    Dragons look to clear their lines but the referee Mike English's face gets in the way of Arwel Robson's clearing kick and we'll have a scrum just inside Dragons' half.

  • 18

    Saints clear the restart well and Dragons have the lineout on halfway.

  • 17


    ... sends the tricky touchline conversion just wide however.

    5 - 0
  • 16


    Estelles twists out of the final tackle out wide to score Saints' first of the night!!!

    5 - 0
  • 16

    This time the lineout goes well for Dragons but they lose possession and Reinach clears well to touch. Dragons' lineout doesn't go well a second time. Nutley catches the overthrow and goes charging up the middle before the ball comes wide...

  • 14

    Rynard Landman powers though Saints' line but knocks on and Saints clear to halfway again.

  • 13

    Dragons earn a penalty at the breakdown though and the chance is gone. Lineout Dragons inside Saints' half.

  • 12

    Good progress from Saints off the back of the lineout as the forwards carry well. Inside ball from Reinach to Pisi nearly comes off but Saints are still in possession and pushing.

  • 11

    Another overthrow at the lineout from Dragons and Saints are attacking again. incredible hands from the home side see Mallinder charging up the right before offloading to Estelles. The wing nearly makes it but a scrambled defence from Dragons just pushes him into touch. Dragons clear off the back of the lineout and Saints have the throw just inside the Dragons' half.

  • 9

    Penalty Dragons just after the lineout as Saints are penalised for being offside and Dragons will send this one into touch again. Lineout Dragons on halfway.

  • 8

    Saints look to set up a strong maul but Dragon work hard and push them into touch. We'll have another lineout, this time to Dragons.

  • 8

    Eventually we come back for that advantage and Mallinder will clear to touch again. Lineout Saints in the Dragons 22.

  • 6

    Good hands from van Wyk keep possession for Saints at the lineout and the home side push into the 22 and look dangerous but an interception from Dragons lets them clear the danger. Saints run it straight back at them though and Estelles breaks out wide. Saints start to slowly push and more patience has them an advantage coming as they go wide again.

  • 5

    Dragons are pushing onwards and despite some strong defence from the Saints are making slow progress. But patience from Saints in defence earns them the penalty eventually as Nutley gets over the ball. Mallinder clears to touch and a huge kick from the fullback sees the home side with a lineout on their opposition's 22.

  • 3

    This time the lineout goes smoothly for Saints and they maul it up before Reinach sends a long box kick to touch to clear. Lineout Dragons then.

  • 2

    Saints' lineout, too, doesn't go to plan but they still manage to collect the ball and Mallinder and Pisi team up out wide to clear the danger. Reinach boxes then and Dragons again clear to touch for a lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 1

    Lineout to Dragon on halfway after Reinach clears well from the restart. They overthrow but eventually collect it and clear into touch. Saints have the lineout but it's on their own 22.

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    After a beautifully observed silence here, Saints v Dragons is underway here at the Gardens!!