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    And that's Saints through to the Anglo-Welsh Cup semi-finals!! We'll have to wait for a the rest of the weekend's results to see where it'll be held but Saints have done all they can!

  • FT

  • 80

    Quins get up for the lineout and are attacking hard. Saints are holding them on halfway. Quins chips through and North darts back at them even though time is up. Myler chips through but the ball finds touch and that's it.

  • 79

    Saints take the lineout cleanly and maul towards the line before Groom decides to take over. Quins earn a penalty at the breakdown and send it to touch for a lineout on halfway.

  • 78

    Saints go short from the restart and earn a penalty at the breakdown. Myler sends it to the corner.

  • 77


    ... can't convert.

    36 - 10
  • 76

    Try Quins.

    Marchant gets over after some good pressure from the away side.

    36 - 10
  • 76

    Morris breaks through for Quins and nearly makes it but is taken down and Saints are defending well again. Quins still have the ball but are having to work hard for their ground.

  • 73

    Foden replaces Tuala for Saints.

  • 73

    Quins play on from the lineout but Saints turn over and make their way back up to halfway before North is pushed into touch. Lineout Quins.

  • 71

    Myler clears after Saints steal the lineout and Quins will have another lineout but back up near halfway.

  • 70

    Penalty Quins as Saints are penalised for being offside at the restart. They go for the corner. Lineout Quins inside Saints' 22.

  • 68


    ... sends the conversion straight through to convert.

    36 - 5
  • 67


    Brilliant work from Saints to get themselves close and Pisi darts over for his second of the game!

    34 - 5
  • 66

    van Wyk is replaced by Ma'afu as we set this scrum.

  • 65

    Quick hands get the ball to Gibson on the wing who races into the line, he gets within inches but doesn't quite make it. Saints get there in support but are held up over the line. Scrum Saints.

  • 64

    Scrum down then and Eadie comes off the back of it at pace. Saints are really moving now and are back within Quins' half. Groom chips through but Quins get there first and play on.

  • 63

    Marshall and Myler come into play for Haywood and Francis. While Ratuniyarawa is replaced by Brüssow for his Saints debut!

  • 62

    Saints make steady progress but are penalised at the breakdown and Quins clear to touch. Lineout Quins on halfway.

  • 60

    Quins try to maul from the lineout but get nowhere and box. Lineout Saints.

  • 59

    Saints cut a beautiful line off the back of the lineout and continue to steadily make progress in Quins' defence. Tuala spots space in behind and chips through. Lineout Quins but back in their own 22.

  • 58

    Quins have the ball in Saints' 22 again but a more solid effort in defence sees Saints hold them well before earning themselves a penalty at the breakdown. Francis sends it into touch for a lineout on halfway.

  • 56

    Reinach and Brookes are replaced by Groom and Ford-Robinson respectively.

  • 56

    Saints get over the ball but Berry insists on coming back for the advantage he was playing. Scrum Quins on Saints' 22.

  • 55

    Quins box and Francis is there he returns the ball though and Quins attack. They're up to halfway and looking to break through Saints are having to work hard in defence.

  • 55

    Lang looks to chip through but finds Tuiatavake instead. Francis looks to clear himself but the ball finds Quins hands again. Strong defence from Saints halts any attack though and has pushed Quins back to well within their own half.

  • 31

    Harrison is replaced by Eadie for Saints.

  • 50

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Francis sends the ball into touch. Lineout Saints just outside Quins' 22.

  • 48

    A messy lineout but Quins hang onto possession. James Chisholm makes a break and though Ribbans intercepts his offload, the back row knocks on. Scrum Quins.

  • 47

    Saints clear the restart and Quins will have the lineout but back up at halfway.

  • 46


    ... converts the simple penalty to extend Saints' lead.

    29 - 5
  • 45

    A scrappy scrum from Quins and then Ratuniyarawa intercepts and breaks. He makes it up to the 22 before he's taken down and then Saints earn a penalty. Francis points for the posts.

  • 44

    Quins try to maul the lineout but make no ground and Berry awards them scrum.

  • 42

    Saints get up for the lineout and play on with the ball. They're pushing back within Quins' half now and a beautiful offload from Harrison find Ratuniyarawa but Saints are penalised at the breakdown and Lang sends the penalty into touch. Lineout Quins on the halfway line.

  • 41

    Penalty Quins at the breakdown from the restart and Lang clears into touch. Lineout Quins back in Saints' half.

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    Francis gets us restarted here at the Gardens!

  • HT

  • 40


    ... can't convert though and we enter half time at the Gardens.

    26 - 5
  • 40

    Try Quins.

    Lambert gets over for the away side's first.

    26 - 5
  • 40

    Penalty Quins at the breakdown and they take it quickly. They go for the cross field and though they look like they've knocked on, they keep playing. They're close...

  • 39

    Quins are back within inches but Saints are working hard in defence again.

  • 38

    Saints get up and disrupt the lineout but the ball finds touch and Quins will have another lineout, this one back within Saints' 22.

  • 37

    Francis eventually ends things by sending the ball into touch. Lineout Quins back outside the Saints' 22.

  • 37

    Quins look to go wide but knock on and Saints play on with the advantage coming.

  • 36

    Quins were within inches but a huge double hit form Reinach and Day pushes them back to the five metre again.

  • 35

    Quins are pushing and have made it up to the five metre line. Saints are working hard in defence here.

  • 34

    Quins overthrow though and Saints are back in attack. The ball comes wide but Haywood knocks on. Scrum Quins just inside Saints' 22.

  • 32

    Quins make some progress in Saints' line but slow as they make it into Saints' half and the home side's defence kicks in. Alofa chips through and though Tuala is there he finds himself in touch. Lineout Quins on Saints' 22.

  • 30


    ... sends his conversion just wide from the touchline.

    26 - 0
  • 30


    Ribbans works hard on the wing and his offload finds the winger in plenty of space. Pisi asks no questions and scores the bonus point try!!

    26 - 0
  • 29

    Saints maul the restart before coming wide. They're up to halfway and still pushing...

  • 27


    ... converts too!

    21 - 0
  • 27


    Reinach comes off the scrum quickly and Tuala is there in support, he beats the last man to get the simple score!

    19 - 0
  • 25

    Penalty Saints at the breakdown and they go quickly. They're within inches. Saints look like they're over but referee Nic Berry deems them to be held up. Scrum on the five metre then.

  • 24

    Quins get this one away cleanly but strong defence from Saints holds them within their own half. Lang clears and North is there. He breaks through and makes some ground before offloading to Reinach. The scrum-half makes some more before he goes into contact. Saints whip it right and get close but are still pushing.

  • 22

    Ribbans gets up to disrupt the lineout but Quins hang onto it and earn a penalty at the breakdown just after. Lang clears to touch. Lineout Quins.

  • 21

    Francis goes for the cross field off the lineout and Pisi is nearly there. Chisholm knocks on and Tuala is there to collect. Francis goes for another cross field to Harrison but that one finds touch. We'll have a lineout.

  • 20

    Penalty Saints at the breakdown and Francis sends it into the corner. Lineout Saints just inside Quins' 22.

  • 20

    Quins come off the scrum quickly but Saints are there in defence and force them to box. Lineout Saints just inside Quins' half.

  • 17

    Good stuff from Saints gets them close but they're still pushing. They try to come wide but Pisi loses control of the ball and we'll have a scrum.

  • 15

    Quins box but are penalised for being offside. Francis sends the ball into the corner. Lineout Saints well within Quins' 22.

  • 14

    Saints clear well from the restart and hold Quins back with some more solid defence. Quins are forced to box but Harrison knocks on in collecting it. Quins play on but good defence from Saints is holding them.

  • 12


    ... converts from the touchline too!

    14 - 0
  • 12


    Brilliant work by Saints is finished off well by Stephenson in the corner!!

    12 - 0
  • 11

    Brilliant defence from Saints holds them there and Gibson intercepts a stray Quins pass. He dashes up the right before the ball comes left, there's space out there if Saints can us it...

  • 10

    Saints are making good progress but get turned over and Quins clear. The ball doesn't find touch though and Tuala clears well. Lineout Quins back up at halfway.

  • 9

    Morris clears from the lineout but Morris' kick goes straight out and we come back for a linnet just outside Quins' 22. Saints come off it strongly and have already made it well into Quins' 22.

  • 8

    Reinach clears well from the restart and Quins have the lineout but well back in their own half.

  • 6


    ... adds the extras too!

    7 - 0
  • 6


    Brilliant hands from Haywood set up North in space and the winger doesn't need asking twice!

    5 - 0
  • 5

    Another solid scrum and the ball comes out quickly for Saints' backs. It's coming wide to North...

  • 4

    No try says the TMO but we come back for a scrum five metres out.

  • 4

    A solid scrum again and Saints come off it quickly. They're over the line and we're with the TMO to see if the ball is down...

  • 3

    With advantage coming at the scrum, Saints get close but knock on. We come back for the scrum in the same spot as before.

  • 2

    Saints do well from the kick-off and get nearly all the way back to halfway before Reinach boxes. Saints but good pressure on Quins and Haywood collects a loose pass. The ball comes wide and Pisi sprints up the right but is held up over the line. Scrum Saints five metres out.

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    Saints v Quins is on!