• FT

  • 80

    Saints win the lineout easily and Reinach gets the ball off the field quickly to end the game with a bonus point win to Saints!

  • 80

    No shot at the sticks for Smith and the penalty is reversed to Saints as George Merrick is penalised for illegal entry at the ruck. Myler sends it into touch. Lineout Saints inside Quins' half.

  • 79

    Saints are penalised at the breakdown though and Smith lines up for the posts with the last play of the game. Or does he? We're heading to the TMO for potential foul play again...

  • 79

    Attendance at the Gardens this afternoon is 12,806 - thank you for your support!

  • 78

    Quins are pressing from the restart though Saints are holding them well and manage to get a turnover at the breakdown. Reinach clears though Quins run it back at them a brilliant tap tackle from the scrum-half puts Marchant on the floor.

  • 77


    ... splits the uprights with his kick to get his season off to a brilliant start and take Saints a converted score ahead.

    30 - 22
  • 76

    A huge shove from Saints at the scrum earns Myler a shot at his first points of the season.

  • 75

    Quins knock on at the breakdown though and we scrum down well within Quins' half with less than five minutes left on the clock.

  • 75

    Saints are pushing well here off the back of the lineout and have made it well back into Quins' half now.

  • 74

    Penalty Saints at the scrum too and Myler sends the penalty into touch. Lineout Saints on halfway.

  • 73

    The throw isn't straight from the Quin's captain though and Saints will have the put in at the scrum.

  • 72

    Scrum down then but Saints are pinged and Quins send the penalty into touch for a lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 71

    Charlie Matthews leaves for Quins with Dino Lamb entering play.

  • 70

    Saints look dangerous in defence and get close to an intercept but a knock on from the home side sees us set for a scrum.

  • 70

    Though Saints' lineout goes too long and Quins run it at them a penalty to Saints at the breakdown just after sees Myler sends it long again for a Saints lineout on halfway. Saints run the ball off the back but are penalised for crossing. Quins have the lineout inside Saints' half from the resulting penalty.

  • 68

    Waller, Brookes, Paterson and Tuala all depart the field for Saints with Ratuniyarawa and Foden replacing the latter two and Francois van Wyk and Jamal Ford-Robinson making their Saints bows in the front row.

  • 67

    Saints are in possession from the restart but Quins manage to turn over. They clear but the kick is sliced and North is there to collect. Quins are then penalised at the breakdown and Myler sends the penalty deep into touch. Lineout Saints just outside Quins' 22.

  • 65

    Quins replace Aaron Morris with Tim Swiel while Saints bring Stephen Myler back into the mix to a brilliant reception from the Franklin's Faithful, Horne departs.

  • 65


    ... converts the score too

    27 - 22
  • 64

    Try Harlequins

    Quins get the ball close to the line again just afterward and this time Ward does get over the line.

    27 - 20
  • 63

    Quins earn a penalty for a high tackle as Saints scramble back in defence and Smith sends it into the corner for a lineout. They attempt to maul before the captain Dave Ward goes alone. North and Brookes hold the hooker up over the line though and we have a Saints scrum.

  • 61

    Nic Groom makes his leave for Saints as Cobus Reinach enters the field.

  • 61

    We finally get to the scrum then but we don't actually set it as Quins are penalised before the ball is in and Mallinder sends it into touch. Lineout Saints on halfway.

  • 59

    Alofa Alofa and Dave Lewis enter the play for Tim Visser and Danny Care respectively. Sinckler makes way for Phil Swainston eventually too.

  • 59

    Saints maul from the lineout and Collins is nearly through before Mallinder sends the high ball up. Quins return it immediately and Sam Dickinson collects easily. Sinckler is in the way of play with cramp though and we pause the game for a moment.

  • 58

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Mallinder sends it into touch. Lineout Saints on halfway.

  • 57

    Quins try to maul from the lineout but Saints manage to hold it up and earn themselves the put in at the scrum. Brilliant lineout defence from the skipper Lawes there!

  • 56

    Saints clear well from the scrum and Quins have the lineout but are pushed well back to the Saints' 22.

  • 56

    Saints replace Teimana Harrison with Same Dickinson while Quins bring on Archie White for Ben Glynn.

  • 56

    Saints defence holds firm though and eventually the men in black, green and gold force the knock on from their guests. Scrum Saints.

  • 54

    Saints overthrow the lineout though and Quins are close here.

  • 53

    A good shove from Saints at the scrum but Quins come away with the ball and release Yarde out wide. Mallinder works hard to get over and push the winger into touch though. Good defence from the fly-half! Lineout Saints in their own 22.

  • 52

    Quins come off the scrum with the ball but Gibson gets over the ball in the next phase and Mallinder sends the penalty long. Too long though as the ball crosses the dead ball line and we come all the way back for a Quins scrum on halfway.

  • 51

    Tuala looks away just after the restart but the offload from North was forwards and we scrum down just inside Saints' half.

  • 50


    ... sends the kick through this time to give Saints a 12-point lead.

    27 - 15
  • 49

    After looking to see if there was an eye gauging incident with Sinckler on Paterson, we restart the game with a penalty to Saints. Mallinder immediately points to the upright.

  • 48

    Saints are working really hard here but get penalised for a side entry at the ruck and Quins will clear the pressure. But we're heading to the TMO first for possible foul play.

  • 48

    North takes the high ball and Saints come wide. Waller trucks it up the midfield and then carries again a few phases later into the Quins' 22.

  • 47


    ... sends the kick into the right upright though and Quins have the 22 drop.

    24 - 15
  • 46

    Saints maul from the lineout before coming out to the midfield. They soon find themselves with another penalty though as Charlie Matthews is penalised for a high tackle on Lawes. Mallinder points for the sticks.

  • 45

    Penalty Saints as Paterson is taken out in the air on the restart and Mallinder sends it into touch for a Saints lineout on halfway.

  • 44


    ... sends the touch conversion just wide though.

    24 - 15
  • 43


    He collects the ball and scoots over the whitewash to score! And that's the bonus point for Saints too!!

    24 - 15
  • 42

    Gibson gets up for the lineout and Mallinder sends a high ball up to chase off the back of it. Paterson is there but Yarde just manages to hold on in the scramble for the ball. Quins push but a loose ball is scooped up but Waller. The ball comes out for Tuala who chips through to chase himself...

  • 41

    Quins go back the other way but their final pass finds touch instead of Visser's hands and Saints will have the lineout on halfway.

  • 41

    Saints collect the restart well and Groom sends a box kick up high for North. Morris is there to collect through and QUins look to come wide to the right. Saints defend well though and hold them on halfway.

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    Smith gets us restarted here at FG!!

  • HT

    Some brilliant rugby from Saints in the first half, particularly to get the Collins and Haywood scores but Quins have looked dangerous in possession and have been clinical with it to keep themselves close.

  • HT

  • 40


    ... sends the conversion wide though and we enter half time with a four point lead to Saints.

    19 - 15
  • 40

    Try Harlequins

    Quins get over out wide in the half's last play through. Roberts finds himself with an overlap outside and crosses bring the game within four.

    19 - 15
  • 40

    Quins are pressing with the last play of the half and are getting close to the line with some good handling...

  • 39


    ... sends the kick just shy of the mark though.

    19 - 10
  • 39

    Quins get a chance to get back on the scoreboard almost immediately though as Smith lines up for the sticks with a penalty earned at the breakdown.

  • 38


    ... adds the simple extras too!

    19 - 10
  • 38


    A brilliant score from Saints!! The ball goes through Harrison, Groomd, Tuala and Lawes before Haywood finishes under the posts!!

    17 - 10
  • 37

    Care boxes through and Saints are back in attack and pushing hard...

  • 37

    Saints have the ball from the restart and Mallinder send a cross field over to North who's in space out wide but Marchant just gets there first an Quins go for an attack.

  • 35


    ... sends the ball through the upright to close the score to just two.

    12 - 10
  • 34

    Quins make good ground off the scrum and eventually earn a penalty too as Saints a pinged for holding on. Smith points to the sticks.

  • 32

    Burrell barges through off the back of the lineout and Saints make good headway in Quins' defence but Gibson knocks on in contact and Quins have the scrum.

  • 30

    Quins do come away with the ball and whip it to the left wing but there's a tussle over in front of the Tetley's and we come back for a penalty to Saints. Mallinder sends it long into touch. Lineout Saints just outside Quins' 22.

  • 30

    Beautiful hands from the back of the lineout see George North through and in space but a good tap tackle takes him down. Quins manage to get a hand to the ball and clear but Gibson is there. Mallinder send the ball into touch and we'll have another lineout, this one in Saints' half with a Quins throw in.

  • 28

    Eventually we get the scrum and a penalty to Quins. They send it down field for a lineout in Saints' 22 but they fumble it and Saints are now back in attack. Mallinder chips through before Morris returns and Saints have a lineout now on halfway.

  • 26

    Scrum down for Quins then but we come back to reset.

  • 26

    Saints knock on from the restart and Quins have the scrum. They look to come off it quickly. Marchant makes some ground but gets turned over and Saints play on. Collins turns on the pace but his offload goes forwards into touch. Scrum Quins on halfway.

  • 23


    ... sends the conversion through from just right of the sticks.

    12 - 7
  • 22


    We can't type about the lineout fast enough because Collins has cut a beautiful line off the back of it to race through the whole of Quins' defence and score!!

    10 - 7
  • 21

    Teimana Harrison picks up the ball at the base and barrels towards the try line. Saints are pushing 5 metres from the line but have been turned over and Quins clear the danger. Lineout Saints just outside Quins' 22.

  • 19

    Quins are penalised for pushing early at the scrum and Saints opt for another scrum with their penalty.

  • 18

    A knock on from Quins in defence though sees Saints with the put in at the scrum within their opposition's 22.

  • 18

    North comes in off his wing to steam through the midfield before a cross field goes over to Collins on the wing. He doesn't collect the ball but Saints quickly turn over and are well within Quins' 22 now.

  • 17

    Quins come away from the scrum with the ball in hand are attempting to work their way back up the pitch but good defence from Saints is holding them within their own half and forces them to kick. Lineout Saints just inside their own half.

  • 15

    Saints eventually take the ball at the lineout and are pushing forwards again. Mikey Haywood nearly breaks through but the ball is lost forwards at the next breakdown and Quins have the scrum on their own 22.

  • 14

    Saints are back in possession from the restart and earn themselves a penalty at the breakdown. Mallinder sends the ball into touch for a Saints lineout within Quins' 22.

  • 12


    ... sends the conversion through to give Quins the lead.

    5 - 7
  • 11

    Try Harlequins

    With no one in behind, Morris goes the whole length of the pitch for the score

    5 - 5
  • 11

    Saints are firmly back in attack now but Burrell pass out wide in intercepted by Aaron Morris...

  • 10

    Gibson gets up in the tussle for the ball at the restart and Saints look to come wide. Collins races down the wing with it before Burrell takes over. He's tripped in hit progress though and knock on. Quins return the ball to Saints hands quickly though with a poor kick through.

  • 9


    ... sends the tricky conversion just wide of the mark though.

    5 - 0
  • 8


    Saints maul from the lineout and get close to the line before North takes over and barged through the last man to score!!!

    5 - 0
  • 7

    Nic Groom picks and goes off the back of the scrum before chipping through to chase himself. He's taken out my Tim Visser in the process but Saints still have the lineout as a Quins hand just touches the ball before it heads into touch. Lineout Saints in Quins' 22.

  • 5

    Jamie Gibson pressurises Danny Care straight off the back of the scrum and though Quins keep the ball, Saints are well on top of them. The home side force their guests to knock on and we have yet another scrum within Quins' half.

  • 4

    A solid scrum from Saints and despite a fumble off the back of it Saints keep possession for a time a forward pass sees us with another scrum, this one with a Quins put in.

  • 2

    North gets a hand to the ball now as Ahsee Tuala finds him outside him with space. Mallinder chips through and though Quins keep it for a time Sinckler knocks on. Scrum down to Saints inside Quins' half.

  • 1

    Huge hits coming in already from the Saints defence as Harlequins look to attack from the kick-off. The home side force them to kick and now Collins is on the attack.

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    Harry Mallinder gets us started...