• FT

  • FT

    Moon knocks on the restart and referee Jackson ends the game.

  • 79


    ... sends this conversion wide too.

    32 - 21
  • 78


    Kessell whips up the touchline before sending it inside to Mitchell, he has a lot of ground to cover and wriggles out of the last man's tackle to get over for Saints' fourth of the night.

    32 - 21
  • 78

    Dowson carries well and Saints are slowly working their way up the pitch. Another carry from Painter gets them some more ground before Kessell breaks through...

  • 77

    Grayson clears and Saints have the lineout just inside their own half.

  • 77

    Notts looked to go for the line but a big Beesley tackle buts a stop to that and then Saints' earn a scrum at the breakdown. A HUGE scrum ensues and Saints are finally awarded a penalty there.

  • 76

    Notts have a penalty for the restart and go for the corner. Lineout Notts in Saints' 22 now.

  • 75

    In a strange turn of events, Dowson's comes on at centre for, those of you that are wondering.

  • 75


    Saints' Assistant coach returns to the Gardens turf, replacing George Furbank, to a warm Franklin's welcome.

  • 73

    Knock on Notts as they attempt to come wide. Scrum down for Saints.

  • 72

    Moon collects the restart and sets off up the pitch to roars of 'MOON' from the onlooking Saints players. Then Matt Beesley has a go at the line running in a forwards take over. Saints go for the clear on halfway but it goes straight out. Lineout Notts just inside their own half.

  • 70


    Saints' new boy gets over after a strong maul from the home side! A score on your Saints debut isn't bad at all!

    27 - 21
  • 69

    An offside penalty to Saints finally comes for the evening and Grayson goes for the corner. Lineotu Saints.

  • 68

    Grayson sends a grubber through but it goes dead before finding touch. We come back for a scrum to Notts instead.

  • 62

    Hutchinson returns from the sin bin while James Fish and Fraser Strachan replace Will Allman and Tom Stephenson.

  • 66

    Grayson clears from the scrum but Notts run it straight back at Saints. Nottingham clear themselves but Grayson is there. He sends it high and Nottingham play on. Knock on Notts though so scrum Saints.

  • 64

    Patience from Nottingham gets them to Saints' 22 but there are some big hits flying in from Saints now and Notts knock on in contact. Scrum Saints on their own 22.

  • 62

    Notts have the ball again though now and have made their way up to halfway but are looking for more.

  • 61


    Clever spot by the fly half to give Saints the lead once again.

    22 - 21
  • 60

    Ehren Painter, Matt Beesley, Devante Onojaife, Paddy Ryan and Josh Peters come on for Saints, replacing Francois van Wyk, Paul Hill, Michael Paterson, Sam Dickinson and Ben Nutley.

  • 59


    ... converts too to give Notts the lead again.

    19 - 21
  • 58

    Try Notts

    Sec Cecil gets over the whitewash for Notts after another period of good pressure for the visitors.

    19 - 19
  • 57

    Notts, unsurprisingly maul from the lineout. Advantage coming for them again as they push for the line...

  • 57

    The second yellow of the game for Saints and 10 minutes in the sin bin for Hutchinson.

  • 56

    Notts maul and are held out by Saints and eventually brought down. Better defence from Saints now but an intercept attempt from Hutchinson ends in a yellow card for the centre.

  • 56

    Advantage Notts and they push forwards again. Dickinson scoops up a loose ball but we come back for the penalty. Eden goes for the corner again, lineout Notts once more.

  • 56

    Grayson clears but pressure from Notts gives Saints little ground. Lineout Notts in Saints' 22.

  • 53

    Not score for the visitors, however, even though they're close. Knock on just on the line. Scrum Saints.

  • 52

    Scrum down to Notts to restart and they're coming off the back of it quickly...

  • 52

    Reece Marshall replaces Mikey Haywood in the break.

  • 51

    Dickinson goes down with a potential head knock and we pause for a moment.

  • 50

    Grayson chips through for Hutchinson but Notts collect instead and are now camped in Saints' 22. They earn a penalty at the breakdown and opt for the scrum.

  • 49


    ... sends the conversion just wide however.

    19 - 14
  • 48


    Not many of those for the prop but over he goes! Grayson started Saints' attack with a cross field to Michael Paterson, the lock finds Hill who carries the ball the final yards over!

    19 - 14
  • 47

    Notts get close but are penalised, Grayson clears with the resulting kick. Lineout Saints.

  • 46

    Ollie Sleightholme and Alex Mitchell enter the fray for Ken Pisi and Jamie Elliott.

  • 45

    Eventually Grayson clears but Nottingham manage to keep the ball in. They send it high but Elliott is there steadfast. We soon have a Saints lineout but the home side get pinged for crossing just after. Hutchinson looks like he was in there too.

  • 43

    First scrum down of the second half collapses and we re-set. Nottingham look to spread Saints by whipping left to right bus George Furbank gets up for an interception. Saints have the ball but fumble their attack and find themselves nearing their own 22.

  • 41

    Elliott collects Nottinghams' clear from the restart and Saints push through the middle with Alex Moon but a forward pass gives Notts a scrum.

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    We're back...

    ... Grayson gets us restarted at the Gardens.

  • HT

    A bit of a lack-lustre affair so far with Saints failing to fire in that first forty, hopefully more running rugby for the second half!

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    The best score of the night deserves a photo...

  • HT

  • 40

    Free kick to Nots and they send it into the stands to end the half.

  • 40

    They were making good progress but referee Andrew Jackson awards Notts a scrum. With the clock run down, we go for a scrum.

  • 39

    Lineout Notts then and surprisingly enough they maul again. This one, too, goes nowhere and they quickly clear. The ball is still in play though and Jack Spittle connects with his opposite man Elliott in the air but just a penalty for Saints. The go for the corner and HEAVE...

  • 38

    Sec Cecil and Tim Cardell enter the field for Notts, replacing Old Evans and Danny Qualter respectively.

  • 38

    Notts go high with their clear and Saints run it back at them with interest. A clever grubber through to touch sees us with a Notts lineout 10 metres from their own line. Better play from Saints here.

  • 37

    Notts attempt a maul off the lineout again but get nowhere. They come out to the left wing, trying to take advantage of their extra man but Ken Pisi rips the ball from his counterpart and Saints clear and chase well.

  • 36

    A yellow card in a friendly?! A rare sight but Tom Kessel has just seen it. 10 minutes in the sin bin for the scrum half.

  • 36

    Nottingham push from the restart again and a few lapse tackles from Saints give them territory. They work their way up into Saints' 22 but kick the ball straight at Rory Hutchinson, he clears but Notts have the ball still.

  • 34


    ... he converts his own try too! It's level pegging again!

    14 - 14
  • 33


    The fly-half gets over in the corner after some brilliant play from the home side!

    12 - 14
  • 32

    Saints collect their own restart an make a push for the line. They get within 10 metres before coming wide. Notts infringe though and we come back for a penalty and a lineout inside Notts' 22.

  • 30


    ... converts his own try too.

    7 - 14
  • 30

    Try Notts

    Eden scrambles over after Nottingham make steady progression to the whitewash.

    7 - 12
  • 29

    Williams breaks for Notts and gets them close to Saints' line again...

  • 28

    Grayson clears and we come out into the field for a lineout to Nottingham.

  • 27

    Here we go, scrum down to Saints metres from their own line.

  • 27

    Pause in play for a Nottingham injury at the moment. We'll restart with a Saints' scrum shortly.

  • 27

    They like a maul off the lineout do Nottingham! This one takes a while to get going but eventually they get over. The Notts hooker, Jimmy Stevens, knocks on over the line however.

  • 26

    We finally come back for the penalty after Notts make little progress. They go for the corner. Lineout Notts in Saints' 22 again.

  • 26

    Scrum goes cleanly this time and Notts come off it quickly, with a penalty coming for a Saints high tackle. They're up to Saints' 22.

  • 24

    Messy one that, we re-set. Notts still have the put in.

  • 23

    Notts attack but their chip through is collected by Saints. The home side attempt to clear but knock on in the process. Scrum down.

  • 21

    A chip through from Nottingham off the back of the scrum gives the visitors some ground but Saints have lineout.

  • 20

    Nottingham clear from the lineout and Saints run it back at them. But Sam Dickinson knocks on in contact and we have the first scrum the evening.

  • 19

    Turnover Saints and Hutchinson sends a grubber through for himself to chase. But Saints get penalised for holding on at the resulting breakdown and Notts send it into touch for a lineout on Saints' 22.

  • 17


    ... adds the simple extras to level the scores.

    7 - 7
  • 17

    Try Notts

    Sean Scanlon gets over after a good period of pressure from the visitors.

    7 - 5
  • 16

    Notts go for the maul off the lineout once again but it's haunted quickly. They come wide and are pushing...

  • 14

    Penalty Notts at the breakdown after some handling errors from Saints. Eden goes for the corner. Lineout Notts in Saints' 22.

  • 14

    Notts are back with the ball after the restart and looking to go wide again but Saints hold them on halfway. They go for a clearing kick through but it goes straight out. We come back for a Saints lineout on halfway.

  • 12


    ... adds the extras to boot!

    7 - 0
  • 12


    Some brilliant handling sees Pisi loose out wide, he sends the ball to Jamie Elliott who offloads inside to Rory Hutchinson for a tidy score!

    5 - 0
  • 11

    Notts coming forwards off the lineout and bring it wide but David Williams gets penalised for holding on. James Grayson sends the resulting penalty into the Church's on halfway. Lineout Saints.

  • 10

    Notts keep the pressure on and nearly get over again but we come back for another penalty. This time Saints' steal the lineout and clear up to halfway. Lineout Notts.

  • 8

    Maul again from Notts. And advantage coming. They're close...

  • 7

    Close from Nottingham! They're over the line but are held up. We come back for a penalty in the run up, lineout Notts again.

  • 7

    Notts got for the maul and get within 10 metres. Then they come out and give the backs a chance...

  • 6

    Nottingham attempt to mount an attack but get pushed into touch. Saints go quickly but face the same fate and then get pinged at the breakdown again. Tiff Eden pushes the ball into the corner for a Nottingham lineout in Saints' 22.

  • 4

    A mistake from Nottingham in clearing gives Saints a lineout quickly after but they're pinged at the breakdown and Nottingham have the lineout just inside Saints' half.

  • 2

    Back and forth start at the Gardens with neither team making any headway in their opposite's defence. But a monster hit from new signing Francois van Wyk give Saints their first chance as Ken Pisi is set free on the wing. His toe edges into touch though. Lineout Nottingham.

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    Saints v Nottingham is on!

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    Preview with Saints' new signing Francois van Wyk...

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