• FT

  • 80

    Another penalty for Saints and another lineout but this one Sale steal and the ball is shipped into the Church's stand to finish the game.

  • 78

    Saints maul from the lineout and Haywood tries to go alone. Saints are so close now though and we come back for an advantage we were playing.

  • 78

    Penalty for Saints and Myler sends it into the corner for a lineout on the five metre line.

  • 78

    Reinach is off but he's stripped and Sale clear. Lineout Saints.

  • 76

    Pisi steams up the right wing as the ball comes wide off the lineout and Saints are back in the 22 again. But they're penalised at the breakdown and James clears for Sale. Lineout Sale.

  • 75

    Saints take the lineout well and earn a few yards back with a good maul before Reinach gets the backs involved. Foden and Tuitavake work hard out wide but as it comes back inside, Sale get a hand to it and Solomona is off. A cracking tap tackle from Reinach stops him through and Saints will have the lineout.

  • 73

    A scrappy scrum but Harrison keeps possession and Saints look to come wide off the back of it. Things come back over to the midfield before Harrison takes over once more. Reinach chips through and Haley returns. Foden takes a run and Saints are back on the attack again but lose possession once more and Sale chip through. Lineout Saints in their own 22.

  • 71

    Straight out at the restart for Sale and Saints have the scrum on halfway.

  • 70


    ... converts too!!

    25 - 34
  • 70


    It is a first score in Black, Green and Gold for Brüssow!!!

    23 - 34
  • 70

    We're with the TMO to see if Brüssow has scored his first ever Saints try...

  • 70

    Penalty Saints again at the breakdown and Brüssow takes it quickly. The forwards are working hard and they're must inches away.

  • 69

    Haywood is over but is held up over the line so we come back to the penalty. Myler sends it into touch. Lineout Saints just metres out again.

  • 68

    Saints maul from the lineout well and before Reinach comes off the back. Tuitavake takes over and Saints are having to work hard to their yards here. They've got a penalty coming though and are just yards out now.

  • 67

    Eventually we come back for the penalty and Myler kicks to the corner. Lineout Saints well inside Sale's 22.

  • 66

    Sale scrum well but Saints turn over just after and are attacking well with an advantage to come.

  • 65

    A trio of changes while we set the scrum. Sale replace De Klerk and Evans with Cliff and Beaumont. While Saints bring Pisi on for Tuala.

  • 65

    Sale come off the scrum quickly but Foden is there to wrap up Addison. But he knock on in the tackle and Sale have the scrum.

  • 63

    Tuala works hard to collect the high ball as Sale return the restart. Saints come inside but Francis' chip through goes dead. Scrum Sale then.

  • 62

    Ma'afu and Brookes make way for van Wyks and Ford-Robinson for Saints.

  • 61

    De Klerk...

    ... sends this one through.

    18 - 34
  • 60

    Penalty Sale as Saints are penalised for being offside and De Klerk opts for the posts again.

  • 59

    Saints have the 22 drop then and Sale play on. They fumble possession and Reinach collects with space ahead of him but Barnes calls us back for a penalty to Sale. De Klerk sends it to touch.

  • 57

    De Klerk...

    ... after some deliberation sends the kick wide.

    18 - 31
  • 56

    Saints look good of the lineout but somehow Sale turn over and race back up the pitch to pressure on Saints' 22. They earn a penalty there and De Klerk will kick.

  • 65

    Myler sends the penalty to touch and Saints have the lineout on Sale's 22.

  • 54

    Yellow Card Sale

    Tuitavake collects the restart and does well to keep it in. Reinach is off but he's tripped by Haley and Barnes shows him a yellow card.

  • 54


    ... can't convert from out wide though.

    18 - 31
  • 53


    Brilliant stuff from Saints to see Horne over in the corner!!

    18 - 31
  • 53

    Tuitavake breaks from the lineout but can't quite break through the last man, the ball comes wide though and Saints have space here if they can get there...

  • 52

    Groom is replaced by Reinach as we set for the lineout.

  • 51

    Sale clear and Saints will have the lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 50

    Saints maul before Groom sets Francis up in space. He makes some yards before it comes wide again. Ma'afu gets Saints back in Sale's 22 but Groom's offload to Tuitavake goes forwards and Sale play on.

  • 50

    Francis goes for an cross field kick but Solomona is there and he marks it. The wing clears to touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 48

    Great hands from Saints sees them back in the 22 quickly and they're pushing hard again. They come wide and Gibson makes a few more yards. Sale turnover though and clear. Tuala is there though and Saints play on.

  • 47

    Paterson disrupts but Sale retain the ball and clear it. Lineout Saints just outside Sale's 22.

  • 46

    We've got another pause as Addison is seen to but eventually we restart with a lineout to Sale, just metres from their own line.

  • 46

    Scrum Saints to restart and Harrison comes off it quickly. His offload goes loose but eventually Groom gets it. Saints are pushing again here and are well within Sale's 22 now. Foden sets off down the wing but is pushed into touch.

  • 45

    HIA for Brüssow and Marshall takes his place for now.

  • 45

    Lineout Saints on Sale's 22 then and Harrison comes off the lineout quickly. Groom looks to go himself but Wayne Barnes puts a stop to the game as Brüssow is down.

  • 44

    Saints clear the restart and though Sale have possession Saints are working hard and earn the penalty. Myler kicks to touch.

  • 44

    Burrell took a hard knock during the build up to the try and is replaced by Myler as we restart.

  • 43


    ... converts too!

    13 - 31
  • 43


    Penalty coming for Saints as they creep close but they don't need it as Paterson makes it over!!

    11 - 31
  • 42

    Francis sends the penalty into touch and Saints will have the lineout five metres out.

  • 41

    Sale bring Neild on as Curry is helped from the pitch.

  • 41

    Saints are over into the Sale 22 now and have an advantage coming for a high tackle from the away side. Eventually we come back for that.

  • 41

    Saints turn over at the restart and Haywood works hard to break through but doesn't quite make it. Saints are attacking well though and Harrison makes some good yards.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Francis gets us restarted here.

  • HT

  • 40

    James takes the restart and De Klerk tries to go himself but is swallowed by Saints' defence. With time up De Klerk puts an end to things for this half.

  • 39

    De Klerk...

    ... sends the conversion through from in front of the posts.

    6 - 31
  • 38

    Try Sale

    Yarde collects and with no one back for Saints, he scores Sale's fourth of the afternoon.

    6 - 29
  • 38

    De Klerk boxes the restart and Tuitavake is there to collect. Brüssow charges forwards and Burrell nearly breaks but loses control of the ball as he does so. Sale chip the ball through and Yarde is chasing.

  • 36

    De Klerk...

    ... sends the conversion through too.

    6 - 24
  • 35

    Try Sale

    The ball comes wide off the base of a ruck and with no one in front of him Solomona crosses for his third of the game.

    6 - 22
  • 34

    Sale go short with their lineout and are pushing forwards again.

  • 34

    Yarde breaks through the middle and Sale look dangerous again but Saints shut them down quickly. Sale earn a penalty though and will have a lineout ten metres out.

  • 32

    Restart goes to Francis and he clears long. Lineout Sale back up near halfway.

  • 31


    ... sends this one through from sin front of the posts.

    6 - 17
  • 21

    Another penalty comes for Saints as they attack well. This time Francis points to the posts.

  • 30

    This time Saints' maul goes forwards and Haywood goes well on his own off the back of it. Saints are within metres agin now and pushing hard.

  • 29

    Lineout Saints on the ten metre line then. Sale work hard but Saints earn the penalty and Francis will go for the corner again.

  • 28

    Tuitavake is right there to tackle Yarde as he collects the restart and then Burrell is there to make another huge hit. Penalty Saints as the home side get over the ball. Francis kicks to the corner.

  • 27

    De Klerk...

    ... sends the simple conversion through.

    3 - 17
  • 17

    Try Sale

    Solomona finishes the job under the posts for the away side.

    3 - 15
  • 26

    Burrell charges off the back of the scrum and Saints are quickly back up to halfway again. Francis goes for a cross field kick but Yarde is there. The ball is recycled quickly and Haley and Solomona are racing through Saints' line to the posts...

  • 24

    Saints get another good shove on but we re-set.

  • 23

    Foden breaks off the back of the lineout and Saints are quickly back over the halfway line. But as the pass comes wide Sale get a hand to it and knock the ball on. Scrum Saints on halfway then.

  • 22

    Sale come wide quickly and look dangerous but Tuala collects a Haley grubber kick and does well to stay on his feet as he's attacked by Solomona. Eventually the penalty comes for Saints though and Francis clears to touch. Lineout Saints up near halfway.

  • 20

    Francis clears the restart well but the assistant referee deems it to have crossed the touchline just outside Saints' 22 and that's where Sale will have the lineout.

  • 19


    ... sends this one through to get Saints off the mark.

    3 - 10
  • 18

    Saints are working hard for little ground but earn a penalty air the breakdown. Francis points for the posts again.

  • 17

    Paterson takes it cleanly and Saints maul forwards before Groom put Foden in space. They're into the 22 now and still pushing.

  • 16


    ... sends the penalty into the left upright and Sale tentatively clear. Lineout Saints on Sale's 22.

    0 - 10
  • 15

    Francis opts for a cross field kick to Gibson and Tuala out wide and though Yarde gets there, we come back for the penalty. Francis asks for his tee.

  • 14

    Sale clear the restart and Tuala is there to collect. Saints push on now and are nearly up to Sale's 22 with good runs from Tuala and Horne. And now they've got the advantage coming to.

  • 12

    De Klerk...

    ... just makes the long kick.

    0 - 10
  • 12

    The lineout goes a little awry for Saints this time and while the home side keep the ball, Sale push up and earn a penalty. De Klerk points to the sticks.

  • 11

    Sale collect the lineout but knock on just after and Francis clears to touch with the penalty. Lineout Saints on halfway.

  • 10

    And Gibson is up to take the lineout for his first touch of the game. Saints push on again and Ma'afu drives through the Sale midfield. Burrell also makes a charge but Saints are penalised at the breakdown. James sends the ball into touch for a Sale lineout on Saints' 22.

  • 8

    Wood is replaced by Gibson as we set this lineout.

  • 8

    James collects the restart for Sale and they look to attack again. Strauss takes the ball into contact before De Klerk boxes. Tuala is there but he loses the ball forwards and Sale play on. They clear though and this time Tuala takes it. Saints push on. Francis clears and Haley is forced to chase, his clearing kick goes awry and Saints will have the lineout well inside Sale's half.

  • 6

    De Klerk...

    ... sends te conversion through from the touchline.

    0 - 7
  • 5

    Try Sale

    Tuala works hard to hold Solomona up but there's no stopping the wing from there.

    0 - 5
  • 5

    Saints get a huge shove on but no penalty at the scrum and Sale come forwards off the back of it. Haley breaks and the ball comes wide to Solomona who has space in front of him...

  • 3

    We restart with a Sale scrum then.

  • 3

    Day makes his way off for a HIA and Paterson enters play.

  • 3

    Sale attempt a maul but are taken down before the line. Saints are working hard in defence here but the away side are ruthless in their attack and are inches out. But we pause the game as Day is down.

  • 2

    Sale collect the lineout and are beginning an attack up Saints' midfield but Saints work hard and turn the ball over. But loose ball sees Sale back with possession. De Klerk chips through and Yarde is chasing but Foden is there. He's pushed into touch. Lineout Sale within Saints' 22.

  • 1

    Tuitavake evade the Sale defence as he collects the kick-off and Francis clears long off the back of the resulting ruck. Lineout Sale just inside Saints' half.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣

    HERE WE GO!!

    We've worked through the night, the snow is gone and we're underway here at Franklin's Gardens!!