• FT

    A brilliant end to preseason for Saints with a cracker of a game against Ulster. Props to Ulster for a stinker of a game too! See you next year guys! For us though, onto Saracens and the Double Header...

  • 80

    We have just enough time to restart but a knock on from Saints at the break down ends the game!

  • 79


    ... sends the ball into the right upright though.

    55 - 15
  • 79


    Beautiful hands from Pisi, a blistering run from Tuitavake and Paterson is over again! Another great score from the home side!

    55 - 15
  • 78

    Ulster go long with a kick but Saints are there to collect. There's space out wide here if they can find it...

  • 77

    Brett Herron...

    ... adds the extras for the visitors too!

    50 - 15
  • 76

    Try Ulster

    David Shanahan breaks and goes on his own! Brilliant effort from the young Ulsterman to score solo there!

    50 - 13
  • 75

    Ulster earn a penalty off the back of the lineout and sends it to touch for another.

  • 75

    Juan the man is off again! He collects the high ball and races down the left wing with ease. His offload finds touch though. Lineout Ulster inside their own 22.

  • 74


    ... can't quite convert his own score though.

    50 - 8
  • 74


    Brilliant solo effort from the fly half!! He chips through from the contact and chases himself, getting to the ball before his Ulster compatriot and ground the ball over the line! Great score!

    50 - 8
  • 72

    Ulster finally get possession back but knock on in contact, Saints play on...

  • 70


    ... keeps his 100% record for the night with another successful conversion!

    45 - 8
  • 70


    Michael Paterson is there for Juan's offload and he runs in to dot down easily!

    43 - 8
  • 69

    Estelles is everywhere! He breaks through again and offloads inside...

  • 68

    Saints are in possession again after the restart and pushing up again. Grayson goes for a chip through but it JUST stays in and Ulster return it. Saints are back in attack again now though.

  • 67


    ... is on the money with the conversion!

    38 - 8
  • 66


    Filthy stepping from Ken Pisi breaks up Ulster's midfield and the winger offloads cleverly to Mitchell for his second of the night!

    36 - 8
  • 66

    Estelles breaks out wide and we come back inside...

  • 66

    Ulster bring on Nick Timoney on as a replacement for their sin bin return.

  • 65

    James Grayson...

    ... converts too!

    31 - 8
  • 64


    Young scrum half Alex Mitchell scores after a great break from Estelles!

    29 - 8
  • 63

    Saints are attacking well here and Tom Stephenson nearly gets through on the right wing. Juan Pablo Estelles nearly gets through on the other moments after but they're pushing...

  • 62

    See what we mean...

  • 61

    Saints make a whole host of changes! We mean A LOT! We're not going to name everyone but we've pretty much cleaned out the bench...

  • 60


    ... sends the conversion through from the touchline too!

    24 - 8
  • 59


    A second of the night for Collins out wide after some incredible play from Saints there!

    22 - 8
  • 58

    Saints are pushing hard off the back of the scrum and attempt to come wide to the right. Eadie and Day link up out wide but don't quite make it. We come back inside...

  • 58

    Brilliant defence from Nic Groom at the scrum! The scrum half knock Ulster's number eight straight down as he rises with the ball and the forwards rush in to help push the ball out of play with Ulster hands on it. Scrum down to Saints 10 metres out.

  • 56

    Saints go quickly with the resulting penalty but knock on and Ulster have the put in at the scrum within their own 22.

  • 56

    Ten minutes in the sin bin for Chris Henry who sacks the maul 5 metres out.

  • 55

    Jack Owens enters the fray for Ulster with David Busby departing.

  • 54

    Saints are so close! And pushing HARD! But Ulster infringe at the breakdown and Mallinder goes for the corner once again.

  • 53

    Saints maul from the lineout and earn some ground but Ulster bring them down. Illegally though and Foley awards Saints the scrum.

  • 51

    Quadruple changes for Ulster. Callum Black, Rodney Ah You, Herring, Callum Patterson and David Shanahan come on for Stuart McCloskey, Nelson, Cooney, Kyle McCall and Wiehahn Herbst.

  • 50

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Mallinder sends it long. Lineout Saints in Ulster's 22.

  • 47

    Free kick Ulster and they go quickly. They push up to halfway but Stuart McCloskey knocks on and we have a Saints scrum just inside the Ulster half.

  • 48

    We restart with a Saints lineout but the ball comes forwards of a black, green and gold hands and Ulster have the put in at the resulting scrum.

  • 47

    Saints make a trio of changes. Foden, Hutchinson and Craig make way for Ken Pisi, Nafi Tuitavake and Courtney Lawes who makes his Gardens return after a fantastic summer from the Northampton lock!

  • 46


    ... sends the touchline conversion just left of the posts.

    12 - 8
  • 45


    The winger does what he does best and blitzes past every last Ulster defender to score in the corner!

    17 - 8
  • 44

    We restart and Ulster have the possession again but they kick it away and Collins is there to take it. Saints push themselves back up to halfway. Groom goes himself of the breakdown and offloads inside to Collin...

  • 44


    ... sends the ball straight through this time for Ulster's first points of the second half.

    12 - 8
  • 43

    Ulster earn a penalty at the breakdown and send it into touch for a lineout just within Saints' 22. They come out of it well and earn another penalty quickly. This one the go for the posts with.

  • 42

    Tommy Bowe and Jean Deysel make way for Marcell Coetzee and Andrew Trimble for our guests.

  • 41

    Saints clear their early possession but Ulster fumble the ball into touch. Lineout Saints just inside Ulster's 22.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Peter Nelson gets us restarted at the Gardens!



  • HT

    Great contest so far tonight with Saints dominating possession in the first quarter. Ulster look dangerous in attack though and we're sure to be in for another cracking forty minutes to come, especially if Piutau gets a hold of the ball again!

  • HT

  • 40


    ... lines up from just inside Saints' half. He has the distance but not the direction and Foley blows his whistle with the score unchanged.

    12 - 5
  • 40

    Saints look good but knock on. The referee turns the scrum into a penalty and Ulster point to the sticks with the last play of the half.

  • 39

    Ulster maul and gain some ground that way. They're up to the 22 now and still going but Black decides it's time to go. Ulster look set to score but we come back for a clear case of crossing by the Ulstermen and Mallinder sends the resulting penalty long. Lineout Saints just inside Ulster's half.

  • 38

    Ulster come quickly off the lineout and attempt to barge their way through Saints' defence. They have a penalty coming and eventually we come back for it. They send it downfield for a lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 37

    Patient play from Saints as they rack up the phases and slowly make their way closer to the whitewash. They come wide but are penalised for holding on, Ulster send the ball into touch. Lineout Ulster.

  • 35

    They barge their way up to Saints' 22 but Ulster get penalised for crossing on the 22. Penalty Saints and Mallinder goes long into touch with his kick. Lineout Saints inside Ulster's 22.

  • 34

    Tuala greats some yards out wide but is penalised at the breakdown. Ulster go for the corner and the lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 33

    They come wide off the lineout but knock on in contact and Saints scrum down again.

  • 32

    Scrum down for Saints then and Eadie comes off the base with the ball in hand, barging his way up to the 22. Groom decides to clear but the ball goes very high and Ulster have a lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 31

    Penalty Ulster as Christian Day makes contact with his opposite man in the air. Lineout Ulster and the attempt a maul but its quickly halted by Saints' defence and they earn themselves a scrum.

  • 30

    Penalty Ulster at the breakdown and they go for the corner. Lineout Ulster on Saints' 22.

  • 29

    Lineout goes smoothly and Saints come wide quickly. Tuala nearly breaks through but Mallinder clears. Ulster take their lineout quickly though and are nearing halfway again.

  • 28

    The ball comes out of the scrum cleanly and Mallinder clears but Piutau is there and Ulster are pushing again. They whip it wide but the ball ends up in touch instead. Lineout Saints.

  • 26

    Ulster have the ball and are pushing in Saints' 22 but they knock on in contact. Scrum down with a Saints put in inside their own 22.

  • 25

    McCall stays on for Ulster and they bring Clive Ross back into the back row for their sin bin reversal.

  • 24

    Scrappy ball after the lineout and Saints manage to turn over again, Nic Groom clear and Ulster return but Tuala knock on under the high ball. Scrum Ulster.

  • 23

    Saints steal the ball the phase after the lineout however and clear back up the pitch. Lineout Ulster.

  • 22

    Piutau is nearly through again but Saints manage to ground the full back somehow. The home side get pinged for holding on though and Ulster send the penalty into the corner.

  • 21

    John Cooney...

    ... steps up but sends his conversion just wide.

    12 - 5
  • 20

    Try Ulster

    Piutau goes on his own and barges his way past the Saints defence to score out wide.

    12 - 5
  • 20

    Penalty Ulster and they're going quickly, very quickly...

  • 19

    The first decent period of possession for the Ulstermen but they can't seem to break Saints' defence. Charles Piutau nearly gets through but is brought down by his ankles. They've made it over the halfway line now but it's slow progress.

  • 18

    Saints come off the scrum quickly and look dangerous but Ulster are awarded a penalty and send it into touch for a lineout on halfway.

  • 16

    Scrum down with a Ulster put in on their own 10 metre line but Foley gives Saints a free kick and Saints initially look to go quickly but decide to opt for the scrum instead.

  • 14

    We have a scrum and Ulster need a prop so Zack McCall enters the fray, with Clive Ross making way for his teammate.

  • 14

    Penalty Saints at the maul and referee Tom Foley has had enough of blowing his whistle. He sends Ulster's Callum Black to the sin bin for 10 minutes.

  • 13

    Saints come off the lineout quickly and Hartley trucks it up the middle. Teimana Harrison takes over the battering ram role and gets Saints close. It comes wide but Ulster get penalised at the breakdown and Saints have another attacking lineout after the resulting kick to touch from Mallinder.

  • 11

    A bit of aerial tennis ensues and Tom Collins manages to collect his own kick but is touched in the air in the process. Penalty Saints, Mallinder goes for the corner.

  • 10


    ... sends this one straight through!

    12 - 0
  • 10


    Saints come wide off the lineout and then the forwards take up the mantle. Brookes barges over for his first ever try for the Saints!!

    10 - 0
  • 8

    Saints maul it up and have an advantage coming...

  • 8

    Ulster steal the lineout though. They come out to the midfield and then send the ball skyward. Foden collects though and Saints earn a penalty at the next breakdown. Mallinder sends it deep into touch, cracking kick for a Saints lineout on the 10 metre again.

  • 7

    Good maul from Saints but Ulster manage to turn over and clear. Lineout Saints just outside the Ulster 22 though.

  • 6

    Another penalty for Saints at the lineout after Ulster touch the jumper in the air. We go for the lineout again...

  • 6

    Penalty to Saints after an advantage from referee Tom Foley. Mallinder sends it into the corner. Lineout Saints on the 10 metre.

  • 4

    Brilliant hands and awareness from Mitch Eadie there under the high ball! Saints chip through and are back in possession with a lineout just outside Ulster's 22.

  • 3


    ... sends his conversion just wide of the mark. Great start for Saints though!!

    5 - 0
  • 2


    Foden gets over out wide after some great hands from the backs!

    5 - 0
  • 2

    Saints are still pushing and making ground slowly. They whip it wide, it goes through Mallinder, Ace Tuala and finally to Ben Foden...

  • 1

    Harry Mallinder gets us as Ulster send it high and Saints are putting in an early attack here! They're up to the Ulster 22.

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    Saints v Ulster is on!! 👊🏼