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    It's a big win for Saints to kick-off preseason!

    Brilliant effort showed by Dragons there at the end but Saints just proved too strong as they started their preseason campaign with an 11 try-fest at the Gardens. Lots of positive and lots to work on for Saints but most important lots of game time for our boys today, including some promising stuff from three of Saints new signings new signings - Jamal Ford-Robinson, Mitch Eadie and Piers Francis!

  • 80

    The visitors go for a final consolation score and back it up to halfway before Saints take them down. Dragons chip through but the ball finds touch to end the game.

  • 80

    Scrum Dragons as Saints knock on for the the final play at the Gardens today.

  • 79

    Saints are back attacking again straight off the bat, pushing their way into Dragons' 22 again with less than a minute left.

  • 78


    ... converts the score too!

    71 - 21
  • 77


    The back row collects Burrell's offload and dots down for Saints' 11th!

    69 - 21
  • 76

    Saints are there again! Burrell gets through, Ludlam's in support...

  • 75

    Attendance for today's game is 5,312!! Thanks for you support #SaintsNation!

  • 74


    ... sends the ball into the left upright.

    64 - 21
  • 74


    The drive off the lineout goes all the way over and the hooker takes the spoils at the base!

    64 - 21
  • 73

    Saints maul off the lineout...

  • 73

    Good pressure from Saints off the back of the scrum earns them a penalty and Francis sends it into the corner for another attacking Saints lineout.

  • 71

    Dragons box it clear but Elliott takes it quickly and Saints are attacking again. The come wide but Chrisitan Day knocks on in contact. Scrum Dragons just outside their own 22.

  • 70

    Saints manage to turn the ball over a the breakdown though and the ball comes back for Francis to clear. The fly-half sends it long and pushes Dragons back into their own 22 once again.

  • 69

    Lineout Dragons on halfway after Saints clear the restart and visitors slowly push themselves into Saints' half.

  • 68


    ... sends his conversion just wide this time, though.

    59 - 21
  • 68


    Tuitavake offloads inside just inside Dragons' 22 and Harry Mallinder does the rest!

    59 - 21
  • 67

    Possession with the home side again and Tuitavake goes dancing up the right once again...

  • 65


    ... sends the touchline conversion straight through the uprights too!

    54 - 21
  • 64


    The ball comes wide to the centre and, though he has to fight to stay in touch, dots down out wide!

    52 - 21
  • 64

    Saints are up to the 10 metre line again and pushing...

  • 63

    Saints are racing up the left again but a high tackle to Elliott sees play slow down. Saints send their penalty into touch for a lineout inside Dragons' half.

  • 62


    ... converts this one too. 10 points in BG&G for the fly-half now.

    47 - 21
  • 61


    A beautiful nudge through from Francis initailly finds Dragons hands but brilliant pressure from young winger George Furbank sees a turn over and David Ribbans piles over just after!

    45 - 21
  • 60

    Saints earn possession back quickly and Tom Kessell pushes up the midfield but his pass to Elliott, who had space in front of him, finds touch. Lineout Dragons.

  • 58

    Francis scores his first points in BG&G too!

    A simple start for the new Saint but Piers Francis' first points at the Gardens nonetheless!

    40 - 21
  • 58


    His first turn out in BG&G and his first try in BG&G. A great start to Mitch Eadie's Saints career!

    38 - 21
  • 57

    Collins and Grayson leave the field after a good shift to make way for England duo Harry Mallinder and Saints' summer signing Piers Francis.

  • 56

    Saints quickly send it wide with some brilliant hands and work their way up the pitch, earning a penalty and sending it into touch. Lineout Saints in Dragons' 22.

  • 55

    Saints whip it wide off the scrum and Jamie Elliott sits down his opposite man to get Saints back on the front foot. But Burrell knocks on trying to collect his offload. Scrum Dragons.

  • 53

    Dragons come quickly off the lineout but knock on in contact. Scrum down to Saints just inside their own half.

  • 52

    Saints clear a bit of pressure from their guests with another good touch finder from Grayson. Lineout Dragons just inside Saints' half to come.

  • 51


    ... adds with extras once again!

    33 - 21
  • 51


    After Eadie gets close, Charlie Clare picks up the baton and barrels over!

    31 - 21
  • 50

    Messy scrumming session going on, we re-set a few times and eventually one holds. New boy Mitch Eadie gets close...

  • 48

    Scrum down in Dragons' 22 with the visitors put in.

  • 47

    The ball comes out wide for Tom Collins and the winger's close but Dragons earn a scrum at the breakdown as Saints are pinged for holding on.

  • 46

    Huge break from Nafi Tuitavake! And Luther Burrell is there but the outside centre goes to ground. Saints are still firmly in attack though.

  • 46

    Saints and close and getting closer but Dragons get the ball back and clear. Lineout Saints.

  • 44

    Saints are back attacking straight away though and nearly send a rolling maul over! It was not to be but Doyle awards Saints a penalty and the home side keep possession.

  • 43


    ... converts the easy kick to see the visitors just a score behind.

    26 - 21
  • 42

    Try Dragons

    Interceptee Jared Rosser goes the whole length and scores the away side's third.

    26 - 21
  • 42

    Dragons send a kick too long to give Saints a lineout but intercept a stray pass from the home side just after...

  • 40

    Collins make a slinking run through the midfield to get Saints back on the front foot as we start the second forty.

  • 40

    And we're back underway!

    With a plethora of changes for the home team as a second 15 take to the field, though Collins, Grayson and Mitchell stay on. Dragons also make some changes Gerard Ellis, Dan Suter and James Leadbetter enter the fray for Liam Belcher, Brok Harris and Owain Leonard.

  • HT


    How about this for a first half shot from our snapper Andy Taylor??

  • HT

    Saints lead at the break!

    The ball comes into the lineout and then straight out again as Owain Leonard sends the ball into the Tetley's to end the half.

  • 39

    Saints get turned over near the line and Dragons clear but Saints collect the kick and run it back at them. It comes wide for Collins but he can't quite get on the end of the pass, the ball finding touch instead. Lineout Dragons.

  • 38

    Michale Paterson gets up for Saints and they push up the pitch before bringing it out wide for the back. Ford-Robinson takes over and trucks through the midfield again before it whips from wing to wing again. Saints are now up in Dragons' 22.

  • 36

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Grayson sends it long for a lineout on halfway.

  • 35

    We set the scrum now. Dragons keep possession and look as if they've scored through Barney Nightingale but Doyle brings the game back for a forward pass. Scrum Saints.

  • 34

    Dragons decide to make the switch at loosehead. Luke Garrett leaves for Keagan Bale.

  • 34

    A little break in play before we set the scrum while the Dragons loosened is seen too.

  • 33

    Dragons are getting close the line here and are still pushing. They get over but are held up again. Scrum down instead then.

  • 32

    A penalty goes Dragons' way at the breakdown though and Jones sends a brilliant touch finder into Saints' 22 once again. Lineout Dragons again.

  • 32

    Saints clear the lineout and give Dragons one of their own but are defending well from the throw in and holding Dragons on the halfway line again.

  • 31

    Nic Groom leaves the field to make way for Alex Mitchell at scrum-half.

  • 30

    Dragons steal the lineout but Saints are defending well and have pushed them back to halfway. Jones kicks through and finds touch within Saints' 22. Saints have the throw in though.

  • 28

    A kick from Saints finds touch too quickly and Dragons have the lineout on halfway. But the ball is also whipped wide too quickly by the visitors and finds touch. Lineout Saints now.

  • 28

    Teimana Harrison leaves the field for the Saints to be replaced by Lewis Ludlam.

  • 27


    ... converts his own try to close the gap somewhat.

    26 - 14
  • 26

    Try Dragons

    Out of nowhere Dorian Jones chips through for the Dragons. He chases his own kick and beats Ben Foden in the race for the ball in a good solo effort from the fly-half.

    26 - 12
  • 24

    Dragons have the ball here but Saints are holding them out on the 22. Jones goes for the drop goal but Ben Nutley charges it down.

  • 22

    Dragons earn a penalty on halfway and Jones sends it deep into touch. Lineout Dragons inside Saints' 22.

  • 21

    Saints are in possession again and new signing Jamal Ford-Robinson trucks it up with right before it comes left to Collins. The winger is brought down in midfield and turned over. Estelles gets back for Dragons' clearing kick though and sends the ball into the Tetley's Stand. Lineout Dragons.

  • 20


    ... sends his conversion through the uprights this time too!

    26 - 7
  • 19


    Stephenson and Gibson both chase the grubber and, after a handling blunder from Kirchner, Gibson gets a hand to it and dots down over the line!

    24 - 7
  • 18

    Saints are straight back on the attack here! A brilliant cross field finds Collins on halfway before another grubber goes through...

  • 17


    ... sends his kick just wide in the wind though.

    19 - 7
  • 17


    Last season's top try scorer bags himself the first of the 2017/18 campaign! A well-worked try from Saints there with Haywood eventually barrelling over the whitewash for the score.

    19 - 7
  • 16

    Saints come off the lineout quickly and Juan Pablo Estelles earns them lots of yards before Collins does the same. It's coming back to the right though...

  • 15

    Penalty Saints! Jamie Gibson give Saints a reprieve at the break down. Grayson sends it back up to halfway line.

  • 13

    That was a little too close for comfort from Saints! Dragons get over the line but referee JP Doyle deems the ball to be held up. Scrum Dragons again.

  • 12

    Saints are on the defence again now though as Dragons come straight back at them. Tom Stephenson manages to dot the ball down over Saints' own tryline to relieve the pressure but he carries it over doing so. Scrum Dragons 10 metres from Saints' line.

  • 11

    Grayson, again, adds a conversion seamlessly!

    14 - 7
  • 10


    Brilliantly quick hands see Tom Collins with space to step the last man and score Saints second, which of course the fast-footed winger does!

    7 - 7
  • 10

    Dragons kick the possession and Saints are pressing hard! Impressive counter rucking from Saints gets them the possession back and it's coming wide quickly...

  • 9

    Nic Groom box kicks from the restart and Saints chase up to pressure Dragons in their own half. The visitors still have the possession though.

  • 7

    Grayson converts Stephenson's score from out wide too!

    7 - 7
  • 7


    It didn't take the centre long to get back into action! Tom Stephenson steps through Dragons' line and bundle over in the corner!

    5 - 7
  • 6

    Penalty Saints at the scrum as Dragons are penalised for being offside, James Grayson boots it downfield. Lineout Saints just outside Dragons' 22.

  • 4

    Dragons' summer signing Zane Kirchner tries a cross field to his teammate Jared Rosser but it goes too long. Lineout Saints, which Tom Kessell clears up field. Dragons with the put in now but they knock on in collecting it. First scrum of the game goes Saints' way.

  • 3

    A hue break from Rynard Landman gets Dragons back into Saints' half and they're pressing well.

  • 2

    Dorian Jones converts the score for the guests

    0 - 7
  • 2

    Try Dragons

    Dragons look to be held out by Saints but a lovely chip through from Adam Warren give the centre some space and he collects to score.

    0 - 5
  • 1

    A huge kick from Dragons sees them with an early attacking lineout in Saints' 22. They come out wide and Saints hold them for now

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    Saints' preseason campaign is underway as Dorian Jones of Dragons gets us started!