• FT

  • 80


    ... converts to end the game!!

    20 - 24
  • 80



    20 - 22
  • 80

    The time's up here and Saints still have the ball...

  • 79

    Saints push hard from the lineout and are just inches away now...

  • 79

    Penalty Saints as de Klerk intercepts from an offside position. Grayson sends the penalty into touch for a lineout just five metres out.

  • 78

    Saints work hard at the scrum but earn the turnover just after and are back pushing towards the whitewash again. They're up to the 22 and still making ground...

  • 76

    Saints fumble the lineout and Sale earn the put in at the scrum.

  • 76

    Lineout Sale then and go for the maul. They get nowhere though and are forced to clear. Lineout Saints just outside the Sale 22.

  • 75

    Saints turn over the ball at the breakdown and are back in attack. Good works from Collins and Mitchell gets Saints into the 22 and Paterson is nearly through but Charnley pushed him into touch.

  • 73

    Scrum Sale as Saints' challenge at the restart sees them knock on.

  • 73

    Reinach is replaced by Mitchell as we restart.

  • 72

    de Klerk...

    ... adds the extras.

    20 - 17
  • 72

    Try Sale.

    The maul makes it over this time and Sale retake the lead.

    18 - 17
  • 70

    Sale maul again and get further with this one. They've got another penalty coming...

  • 70

    Sale go for the maul again but get nowhere so come off it quickly. Saints defend well but Sale have a penalty coming. Eventually we come back for it. de Klerk goes to the corner again.

  • 68

    Sale attempt to maul from the lineout and earn a penalty there. de Klerk sends it into touch again.

  • 67

    Sale are attacking hard but making little ground with Saints' strong defence. Sale are awarded a penalty though and de Klerk sends it into touch for a lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 66

    Ludlam comes off and is replaced by Wood as we take this lineout.

  • 65

    Reinach boxes and Sale return, Tuala puts an end to the aerial tennis and Sale will have the lineout just inside Saints' half.

  • 65

    Saints work hard as Sale push up in attack and push the home team into touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 63

    Clare and Ford-Robinson come into play for Saints, replacing Marshall and Brookes respectively.

  • 63

    Saints clear the restart well and Saints have the lineout just inside Saints' half.

  • 62

    Paterson comes on for Ratuniyarawa for Saints while Moore is replaced by Nott on the home side.

  • 62


    ... sends the penalty through to extend Saints' lead.

    13 - 17
  • 61

    Saints work hard and make it back into Sale's 22. Sale's defence has slowed their progress but Saints' patience pays off as they earn a penalty a the breakdown. Grayson points to the posts.

  • 59

    Sale send the ball high off the restart and Pisi is there. Saints are pushing again.

  • 58


    ... sends the conversion wide though.

    13 - 14
  • 57

    Try Sale.

    Sale go for the cross field and though they're just short, James collects the ball and pushed over.

    13 - 14
  • 56

    Furious defence from Saints here as Sale are forced to go wide with the ball. Saints are penalised for playing the nine through and Sale go quickly.

  • 55

    Sale are quickly back on the attack though and work their way into Saints' 22. They're inches out now.

  • 54

    Odogwu is off for the home team, he's replaced by Redpath.

  • 53


    ... slots the conversion too!

    8 - 14
  • 53


    Tuitavake collects the chip and while he's taken down, Nutley is there for finish the score!!

    8 - 12
  • 52

    Saints turn over at the lineout and Reinach is off! He's made it to halfway before chipping through to Tuitavake...

  • 51

    Penalty Sale at the breakdown off the back of the scrum and de Klerk sends the ball into touch. Lineout Sale on Saints' 22.

  • 50

    Stephenson returns from the sin bin.

  • 50

    Sale come at Saints strongly and, with the man advantage still, make some ground but are penalised for a forward pass and Saints will have the scrum.

  • 48


    ... sends the tricky conversion through too!

    8 - 7
  • 47


    A brilliant score from Saints as Pisi links up with Reinach and Collins to score!

    8 - 5
  • 47

    Sale come off the lineout quickly and they clear. Collins is there and he offloads to Pisi. There's space in front of the winger and there are plenty of bodies there in support too...

  • 46

    Sale come off the scrum quickly but handbags halts things and we come back to take the scrum again.

  • 44

    A solid scrum from Saints before the backs come at Sale's defence hard. Saints are into the Sale 22 now but good defence from Sale forces the knock on. Scrum Sale inside their own 22.

  • 43

    Knock on Sale at the lineout and Saints have the put in at the first scrum of the second half.

  • 41

    Sale clear the restart and Saints push up. Grayson clear but Sale return and Collins clears well. Lineout Sale on their own 22.

  • 40

    Grayson replaces Myler as we restart here.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Grayson gets us restarted here at the AJ Bell.

  • HT

  • 40


    ... sends the simple penalty through to end the half.

    8 - 0
  • 40

    Stephenson is shown a yellow card too just before the break.

  • 40

    Haley slips through a gap in Saints' line and Sale are back within inches of Saints' 22 again. They have an advantage coming which we eventually come back to. Sale point to the posts.

  • 38

    Saints maul well from the lineout and whip the ball wide but lose control of it into touch. Lineout Sale.

  • 38

    Saints earn a well-deserved penalty at the scrum and Myler kicks to touch. He misses it though and Sale clear. Lineout Saints on halfway.

  • 36

    Saints come off the scrum strongly before Myler sends a kick through to space in behind. Haley sends a high ball up and Collins there but his pass to Pisi is forwards. Scrum Sale.

  • 34

    Jones breaks through for Sale and they're back in the 22. Saints are working hard in defence and push them back outside of the 22 again before Wilkinson knocks on in the midfield. Scrum Saints.

  • 33

    Penalty Sale at the breakdown and de Klerk sends it into touch for a lineout just inside Saints' half.

  • 32


    ... misses the conversion though.

    5 - 0
  • 31

    Try Sale.

    Moore is over after Sale work hard for the first score of the afternoon.

    5 - 0
  • 30

    Sale work to get over the 22 and a chip through from Wilkinson nearly comes off but Tuala is there. Saints have the 22 drop.

  • 27

    Penalty Sale at the scrum and de Klerk sends the ball into touch. Lineout Sale just outside Saints' 22.

  • 26

    Saints maul from the lineout and make it into Sale's half before the ball comes to the ground. The referee deems Sale to have the scrum though.

  • 25

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Myler sends the ball into touch for a lineout on halfway.

  • 23

    Odogwu breaks again and but as the ball comes wide it's lost forwards into touch by the home side and Saints opt for the scrum.

  • 22

    Saints work well but knock on in contact and Sale have the scrum just outside their 22.

  • 21

    Nutley breaks off the back of the scrum and makes his way up to the 22, he chips through but Sale have the ball. They clear and Tuala runs it back to them and Saints are back in attack on the 22.

  • 20

    Saints work hard at the scrum but Saints envelop them off the back of it and Reinach earns the turnover. Scrum Saints then.

  • 18

    Sale make a good attack but their chip finds Tuala. He fumbles the ball on the floor though and Sale have the scrum.

  • 17

    Stephenson makes a charge but is held up and Sale have the scrum.

  • 15

    Sale clear off the lineout and Saints now have the lineout on halfway.

  • 15

    Sale work a fluid move to get the ball wide but Saints are there and Myler sends a looping kick to touch for a Sale lineout inside their own 22.

  • 13

    Saints play quickly off the lineout but some huge hits coming in from Sale are slowing their progress. The ball comes wide but Ratuniyarawa loses control of it in contact and Sale will have the scrum inside their own half.

  • 12

    Free kick Sale at the scrum and Sale take it quickly. Ioane makes it close before the ball comes wide again. But handling errors cost the home side and Ludlam gets over the ball to earn Saints a penalty. Myler sends it long for a lineout back inside Sale's half.

  • 10

    Saints work hard to get the ball out but knock on just inside their own 22 and Sale will have the scrum.

  • 10

    Odogwu mounts a good attack off the base of the lineout and nearly gets there but a brilliant try-saving tackle from Nutley sees Saints with a lineout just metres from their own try line.

  • 9

    Another solid scrum from Saints and the ball comes wide quickly. Tuala slips through a gap but is taken down quickly and Saints go back to work to try to break through. Myler chips through and Haley is there. de Klerk takes over and makes it up to the 22 before Saints turn over. Reinach's clearing kick goes straight out though and we come back for a Sale lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 6

    Marshall charges down the kick but Sale still have possession and work well to get back inside Saints' half. They knock on though and Saints have another scrum.

  • 5

    Now deep into the 22, Saints are patient with their possession. Myler sends a cross field over to Tuitavake but Sale get there first and have the 22 drop.

  • 3

    Saints maul from the lineout and make some ground before brining the ball out for the backs to take over. Collins charges into contact to get Saints into the 22 and they keep pushing.

  • 2

    A brilliant scrum from Saints earns them a penalty there and Myler sends the ball deep into touch. Lineout Saints just outside Sale's 22.

  • 1

    Saints clear the restart well but Sale earn a penalty at the breakdown and de Klerk clears. Collins is there though an he returns. Sale run is back at Saints but knock on and Saints will have the scrum.

  • 👟💥🏉


    Faf de Klerk gets us started here at the AJ Bell!