• FT

  • 80

    So close for Saints but they are deemed to have knocked on in contact and we end the game.

  • 80

    Saints pushing so hard here!! Just metres from the line...

  • 80

    No change to the original decision this time though and Saints still have the penalty. Mallinder sends it into touch for a Saints lineout 10 metres out...

  • 80

    We're at the TMO again.......

  • 80

    PENALTY SAINTS! Brilliant stuff from Saints!

  • 79

    Saints work hard at the lineout and push themselves within Sale's 22...

  • 79

    Yarde depart and Charnely enters play as we enter the final minute here...

  • 79

    Saints get painstakingly close but somehow Sale come away with the ball and clear. Saints play on though and earn a penalty. Mallinder sends it to touch. Lineout Saints. Frantic scenes here at the AJ Bell!

  • 77

    Brilliant attacking play from Saints sees them earn the advantage and get close but we come back for that penalty. Mallinder sends it into touch.

  • 66

    Myler replaces Grayson for Saints.

  • 75

    Saints attacking well here and though they chip through and Sale collect, brilliant defence sees the ball in touch and Saints with a lineout inside Sale's half.

  • 73

    Sale clear from the scrum and Mallinder slices through Sale's defence before aerial tennis ensues again. O'Connor finally ends it by sending the ball into touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 72

    Foden returns and Eadie replaces Harrison as we set this scrum.

  • 72

    Sale maul from the lineout and after some aerial tennis Sale have the advantage coming around the halfway line. But Saints rip the ball and Wood goes charging forwards once again but Saints knock on in contact just after and we'll have another scrum.

  • 69

    Evans leaves the field for blood and Not takes his place.

  • 69

    Sale steal the lineout though and box clear. Mallinder collects and Saints are soon running it back at them. Sale return Groom's box before Mallinder clears well and though Sale have the lineout, it's on halfway.

  • 68

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and Mallinder sends the ball downfield for a Saints lineout.

  • 67

    He has dropped the ball and Saints take the lineout quickly but as they clear, Sale too take their lineout quickly. Scrappy play ends in a duo of knock ons but Saints come out with the ball and will have the scrum.

  • 66

    Lineout Sale and look to go quickly. The ball gets out wide to yards who is over but we'll go to the TMO as it looks like he's dropped the ball before grounding...

  • 64

    Groom replaces Reinach for Saints.

  • 63


    ... sends the kick through to push Sale into the lead.

    18 - 15
  • 62

    Yellow card for Foden and we restarts with a penalty to Sale which they will sends towards the sticks.

  • 62

    Foden's hand gets in the way of a Sale pass as he makes a tackle and we're off to the TMO again...

  • 61

    Aulika enters play for Sale as John leaves.

  • 60

    Penalty Sale after a trip to the TMO and they send it to touch for a lineout.

  • 59

    Free kick Saints and Mallinder kicks long. Saints in attack soon after but when Mallinder chips through Solomona finds touch. Lineout Saints then.

  • 57

    Patience from Saints in defence pays off as Sale knock on at the ruck. We'll scrum down again then.

  • 56

    Sale still in attack but some huge hits coming in from Saints here!

  • 55

    De Klerk leaves the field as Cliff enters play for Sale.

  • 54


    ... sends the kick to level things!

    15 - 15
  • 53

    Scrum down to Saints then and Harrison breaks from the base. Penalty to Saints just after and Mallinder points for the posts.

  • 52

    Sale make a change; Jennings makes way for Janse van Rensburg.

  • 52

    Sale still with possession but mistakes see them back within their own half and eventually the error earn Saints the put in at the scrum.

  • 51

    A messy lineout from Saints and Sale come away with the ball. They look to chip through but the ball goes dead before they can get there. 22 drop Saints.

  • 50

    The home crowd this Yarde is over but referee Dickson has his hand in the air to award Saints a penalty. Mallinder sends it into touch for a Saints lineout.

  • 49

    Sale in attack here and working into Saints' 22. Good defence from Saints so far to keep them out so far.

  • 47

    Lineout Sale as Saints lose the ball into touch. The ball comes wide to Solomona who scampers up the wing before chipping through. Estelles collects but Sale will have the lineout as Reinach clears.

  • 45

    Hill makes way as Ford-Robinson and Hutchinson return.

  • 44

    De Klerk...

    ... sends the touchline conversion wide though.

    15 - 12
  • 43

    Try Sale

    The home side make the most of their last moments with the extra man to create an overlap and Curry is over.

    15 - 12
  • 43

    Saints clear and though Solomona is there he's cleared up in great defence from Saints. Sale still have the ball though and are slowly working their way forwards.

  • 41

    Hayley kicks through though and Saints have the lineout just outside their 22.

  • 40

    Brilliant take from Wood before Grayson clears. Haley is there though and Sale are running it back at them.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    De Klerk restarts things here at the AJ Bell.

  • HT

  • 40

    Penalty Saints at the scrum after a huge shove! Mallinder sends the ball into the stands to end the half.

  • 39

    Lineout Saints within their own half as Sale clear long from the restart but the throw isn't straight and we'll set another scrum.

  • 38

    De Klerk...

    ... converts his own score too.

    10 - 12
  • 38

    Try Sale

    The scrum-half scoots through the obvious gap in Saints' line and dots down.

    8 - 12
  • 37

    EVENTUALLY we get the scrum away and de Klerk comes off the base...

  • 35

    Penalty Sale at the scrum and they opt for another one.

  • 34

    Paterson re-enters play for Saints.

  • 34

    Free kick Sale at the scrum and they go quickly. They're very close here but are held up over the line. Scrum down then.

  • 33

    Hill enters play as we restart with a scrum, Hutchinson makes way for him.

  • 33

    Ford-Robinson leaves the field for Saints after receiving a yellow card for pulling down the maul.

  • 33

    Sale maul from the lineout and get close.

  • 32

    Saints steal the ball in the maul and Reinach clears. But Sale earn a penalty and Sale go quickly. They are awarded another penalty for Saints not being 10 metres though and they send this one into the corner for a lineout.

  • 30

    Penalty Sale at the scrum despite good pressure from Saints there. They send the ball into touch for a lineout inside Saints' half.

  • 28

    Ross leaves the field with Neild taking his place.

  • 28

    Eventually get the scrum down and Harrison is straight off the base with the ball. Reinach boxes but Estelles is there in chase to stop Haley in his tracks. Sale keep the ball but knock on and Saints play but Saints knock on in contact just after. We'll have a scrum inside Sale's half then.

  • 36

    Sale send the penalty into touch but lose ground in doing so. Yarde looks to go around the corner off the back of it but Hutchinson gets there for a great covering tackle and Sale knock on in the next play. Scrum Saints then.

  • 25

    Saints are down to 14 too as Paterson leaves the field for a high tackle.

  • 24

    Lineout Sale from the restart and they maul from it before attempting to come wide. De Klerk gets them closer before the forwards take over. They've an advantage coming which quickly becomes a penalty. De Klerk takes it quickly and gets close before they're awarded that penalty.

  • 22


    ... converts too!

    3 - 12
  • 22


    Not sure who scored in that mass of bodies but the points are on the board nonetheless!

    3 - 10
  • 21

    Try against the posts for Saints?? We're having a look with the TMO!

  • 20

    Saints maul from the lineout and are so close here!!

  • 19

    Saints go strong off the scrum and Wood charges forwards into Sale's 22 before they're awarded a penalty. Brilliant run from Wood that! Saints go to the corner...

  • 17

    Sale pressing here and Saints are having to work hard in defence. They knock on though and Saints play on, Mallinder eventually clears but Yarde is there. De Klerk clears for Sale but the ball rolls dead and Saints have the scrum back up near halfway.

  • 14

    Foden clears the restart for Saints and Sale have the throw in just inside Saints' half.

  • 13


    ... can't convert from the touchline though.

    3 - 5
  • 13


    Brilliant work from Reinach there and a brilliant score for the Saints!!

    3 - 5
  • 12

    Saints make good progress but knock on in contact and Sale look to clear. Reinach has charged O'Connors kick down though and is charging into the line...

  • 11

    Another solid lineout from Saints and Reinach clears. Estelles is there in chase but Sale collect and clear themselves. Lineout Saints within their own half now.

  • 10

    This time Sale come away with the ball and de Klerk clears again. Lineout Saints just within Sale's half.

  • 9

    Saints look to have turned the scrum but we reset...

  • 9

    Saints deemed to have knocked on at the lineout and we set for a scrum within Sale's 22.

  • 8

    Wood gets up and Saints maul forwards with the ball before referee Karl Dickson puts his hand in the air to award Saints a penalty. Mallinder sends it into touch for a lineout within Sale's 22.

  • 7

    Long restart from Saints and good pressure on Sale here. De Klerk boxes and Saints will have the lineout.

  • 6

    De Klerk...

    ... sends the long kick through to get the scoring starting.

    3 - 0
  • 5

    Sale come off the scrum quickly and O'Connor makes a good charge forwards. They have an advantage coming which eventually turns into a penalty. De Klerk points to the posts.

  • 4

    Saints attack well and send a chip through to chase but the ball bounces dead and we'll have a scrum just inside Sale's half.

  • 3

    Again another maul from the lineout and this time they get the kick away. Lineout Saints then. That goes well for the men in lime, despite the horrendous conditions here at the AJ Bell.

  • 2

    Sale with the throw in - sorry! - and they maul from the lineout before de Klerk boxes. That too is charged down and Sale have the lineout again but this is great pressure from Saints.

  • 1

    Not a great clearance from Sale from the restart and Saints will have the lineout within Sale's 22 less than a minute in.

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    James Grayson gets us underway at the AJ Bell!