• FT

  • 80

    Mitchell decides that's enough and sends the ball into the crowd to end the game.

  • 79

    Saints get up and steal the lineout and push forwards with the ball before sending a chip over the top. Goode returns it with interest. Lineout Saints just outside their 22.

  • 78

    Penalty Saracens at the scrum and Spencer sends it into touch for a lineout on Saints' 22.

  • 76

    Good attack from Saints gets them within Saracens' 22 but a knock on sees Saracens with the scrum.

  • 73


    ... immediately points to the posts and sends it through.

  • 72

    A huge tackle from Gibson slows Saracens but the referee deems him to have knocked the ball on and Saracens have the scrum and then a penalty.

  • 71

    Saracens earn themselves a scrum on halfway and the home side set off again.

  • 68


    ... sends the simple penalty through.

    59 - 14
  • 67

    Penalty Saracens as Myler fails to roll at the breakdown and Farrell points to the posts.

  • 66

    Penalty Saracens at the scrum and Farrell sends the ball into touch for a lineout.

  • 65

    Marshal replaces Eadie for Saints and lines up at number eight.

  • 65

    Lineout Saints as Saracens fumble the restart but Foden knocks on and Saracens have the scrum.

  • 63


    ... sends the conversion through.

    56 - 14
  • 63

    Try Saracens.

    This time they are over as Vailanu barrels across the line.

    54 - 14
  • 62

    Hill, van Wyk and Mitchell all come into play for Brookes, Ma'afu and Reinach respectively.

  • 61

    Saracens barge the maul close before Vunipola darts over off the back. He thinks he's over but the TMO says no. Scrum Saracens 5 metres out.

  • 60

    Penalty Saracens at the scrum. Farrell kicks to the corner. Lineout Saracens just metres from Saints' line.

  • 59

    We eventually come back for that advantage and Saints have the scrum.

  • 58

    All players down return to their feet and eventually we get the scrum away. Saracens turn the ball over at the scrum but knock on just after and Saints play on with advantage.

  • 57

    Huge hits coming in from Saracens but the referee say play on. Eventually he stops the game with players littering the pitch. Scrum Saints when we restart.

  • 56

    Saracens work quickly but too quickly as Earle knocks on in spectacular fashion and Saints have the scrum just within their own half.

  • 55

    Stephenson and Day take their leave for Saints with North and Ludlam replacing them.

  • 55


    ... adds the extras.

    49 - 14
  • 54

    Try Saracens.

    This time Saracens make no mistake at the scrum and get the ball quickly to Maitland who scores in the corner.

    47 - 14
  • 53

    Brilliant awareness from Reinach to collect a loose ball at the scrum. He races up to Saracens 22 but, disappointingly, the referee calls us back to retake the scrum.

  • 51

    Saints regain possession but knock on as they collect the high ball from Saracens. Scrum Saracens just outside Saints' 22.

  • 50


    ... sends the simple kick through as Gibson returns from the sin bin.

    42 - 14
  • 49

    Saracens kick through and Myler is there. Saints doing well to earn some ground but Saracens regain possession and then a penalty. Farrell points to the posts.

  • 46


    ... sends the ball through to extend Saracens' lead.

    39 - 14
  • 45

    Saints working hard for every inch as they're still a man down. Foden goes himself but gets isolated and Saracens earn the penalty. Farrell points for the posts.

  • 44

    Saints do well to keep the ballet the lineout as Saracens look to disrupt. Saints chip through and Saracens play on.

  • 43

    Mallinder is replaced by Myler for Saints.

  • 42

    Good defence from Saints hold Saracens out and eventually forces the knock on. Saints play on. Reinach chips over and Foden does well to push Goode into touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 41

    Saracens push and are back in Saints' 22 quickly. Ribbans works well but the home side keep possession.

  • 41

    Reinach boxes well from the restart and Saracens have a lineout back near halfway.

  • 40

    Stephenson returns from his HIA as we restart.

  • 👟💥🏉#️⃣2️⃣


    Farrell restarts us here at Allianz Park!

  • HT

  • 40


    ... converts to end the half.

    36 - 14
  • 40

    Try Saracens.

    The try is given with Koch the man over the line.

    34 - 14
  • 40

    Saracens maul from the lineout again and we're with the TMO to see if they've scored.

  • 40

    Yellow card for Gibson as Saracens' maul gets close. Saracens go to the corner again.

  • 40

    Saracens maul with an advantage coming. Farrell goes for the cross field and when that doesn't come off we come back for the penalty. Farrell sends it into the corner.

  • 39

    HIA for Stephenson and North replaces him.

  • 39

    Horne makes some progress from the back of the lineout but has the ball ripped from his grip. Aerial tennis ensures before Earle decides that's enough. His chip over the top finds Stephenson but Saracens chase well to pressure Saints on their own line. Eventually Reinach clears to touch. Lineout Saracens on Saints' 22.

  • 37

    Bosch clears the restart and Saints have the lineout just within Saracens' half.

  • 36


    ... converts too.

    29 - 14
  • 36

    Try Saracens.

    With Ma'afu down, Saracens make the most of their extra man and Wigglesworth gets over.

    27 - 14
  • 35

    Saracens chip over the top from the lineout and work their way into Saints' 22. But Itoje knock on in contact and Saints have the ball. Eadie spots space and darts through to halfway but Saracens turn over there and race is back...

  • 33

    Very scrappy at the scrum but after a few re-sets Raynal awards Saracens a penalty. Farrell sends it into touch and Saracens have the lineout on halfway.

  • 30

    Burger knock the restart on and Saints have the scrum within Saracens' 22.

  • 29


    ... sends the conversion wide though.

    22 - 14
  • 28

    Try Saracens.

    Farrell breaks through and Bosch is there in support. The centre scores.

  • 27

    Saracens have worked their way into Saints' 22 now and are being patient in their attack but they knock on and Reinach clears back up to halfway. Lineout Saracens there.

  • 25

    Another penalty for Saracens at the lineout and they kick to touch again. Lineout Saracens within Saints' half.

  • 25

    But Saracens earn a penalty at the lineout an clear for another lineout back up near halfway.

  • 24

    Eventually the pressure pays off and Saints earn a penalty. Mallinder sends it into the corner. Lineout Saints just metres out.

  • 23

    Advantage for Saints from the off and they play on well.. Tuitavake slips up the wing into Saracens' 22 and they're still pushing.

  • 21


    ... sends the touchline conversion through.

    17 - 14
  • 20

    Try Saracens.

    A solid scrum ensues before the ball comes wide to Goode who slips round Foden to score.

    15 - 14
  • 20

    Foden looks to have done well to get the ball away as Earle bears down on him from the restart but the referee Mathieu Raynal deems his offload to have gone forwards. Scrum Sararacens in Saints' 22.

  • 18

    Wyles leaves in some distress and Earle replaces him for the home side.

  • 18


    ... adds the conversion too!

    10 - 14
  • 18


    A brilliant break from Foden finished off by Paterson and then Tuitavake and Saints are back ahead!

  • 16

    Saracens box the restart and Foden is there. Saints work hard to earn ground. They're pushing well and are up to the 22 again...

  • 15


    ... send the conversion over quickly.

    10 - 7
  • 15

    Try Saracens.

    Vunipola barrels over for the home team after good pressure on Saints' line.

    8 - 7
  • 13

    Saracens making steady progress in Saints' line and are within inches here.

  • 13

    Saracens get up to disrupt the lineout and are pushing their way into Saints' 22.

  • 12

    Saints well in attack again now and Reinach boxes. Goode calls for the mark and sends it long. Lineout Saints back within their own half.

  • 11

    Penalty Saints at the lineout and Mallinder sends it long for a lineout well within Saracens' half.

  • 10

    Bosch clear the restart and earns Saracens some ground. Lineout Saints within their own half.

  • 9


    ... sends the penalty straight through.

    3 - 7
  • 8

    Saracens earn a penalty at the breakdown and Farrell is quick to point to the posts.

  • 7

    Saracens get up to collect the restart and are pushing towards Saints' 22.

  • 7


    ... adds the extras too!

    0 - 7
  • 6


    Brilliant score from Saints to get this game started!!!

    0 - 5
  • 6

    A very solid scrum from Saints slows Sarries progress and Wigglesworth is forced to box. Pisi is there though and is off, Mallinder chips over for Reinach...

  • 5

    Saints maul again and do well but Reinach is enveloped by Itoje and Saracens have the scrum.

  • 3

    Saints maul well from the lineout and earn the advantage to boot. Mallinder attempts a cross field to Tuitavake but when that doesn't come off we come back for the original penalty. Mallinder sends it to the corner. Lineout Saints metres from the line.

  • 2

    Good pressure from Saints eventually pays off and they earn the throw in at a lineout well within Sarries' half.

  • 1

    Wigglesworth boxes from the kick-off and Saints are attacking from the off. Reinach boxes in return and Pisi does well to take Burger down quickly. Sarries box again and Saints are back on the front foot.

  • 👟💥🏉

    HERE WE GO!!

    Mallinder gets us underway at Allianz Park!!