• FT

  • 80


    ... lines up to take the final conversion and makes it to end the game.

    30 - 15
  • 80

    Try Worcester

    It is a hat-trick for Heem and a bonus point for the home side.

    28 - 15
  • 80

    Another yellow card for Rob Horne for a late tackle in the build up and that becomes a red because of his earlier yellow.

  • 80

    A very long trip to the TMO...

  • 80

    The home crowd think Heem is over for his third of the afternoon but we'll go to the TMO.

  • 79

    Worcester maul from the lineout but though Saints bring them down, they earn a penalty. Lance sends it to the corner again.

  • 78

    Penalty Worcester at the breakdown just after the restart and Lance sends it into the corner as the home side go in search of a bonus point.

  • 77


    ... adds the simple extras too

    23 - 15
  • 76


    A second try in two games for the young hooker!!

    23 - 13
  • 76

    Saints are so close again now as Groom darts through. The fowards are driving it close and they've got a penalty to come.

  • 75

    Penalty Saints and Myler quickly sends it into the corner. Lineout Saints just metres out.

  • 74

    Saints within inches now after some brilliant play across the park but they're held over the line and we'll have a scrum.

  • 73

    Saints change their remaining front rows as Waller and Haywood leave for van Wyk and Marshall.

  • 72

    Penalty Worcester at the scrum and Lance sends it into touch. Lineout Worcester within their own half.

  • 71

    Gibson gets up well at the lineout and Saints maul from the lineout. The ball does get over the line but the referee deems it to have been knocked on and we'll have a scrum.

  • 70

    Free kick at the scrum for Saints and Groom goes quickly. Saints making good progress here as they find their spark again before we come back for a penalty. Myler sends it into touch. Lineout Saints within Worcester's 22.

  • 68

    Saint works the phases off the back of the scrum before Groom boxes. Adams is there though and Worcester look to go quickly. Pennell knocks on though and we'll have another scrum up near halfway.

  • 67

    Worcester maul from the lineout but Saints hold them up and will have the put in at the scrum.

  • 66

    Saints come away with the ball and it comes back to Mallinder to clear. Worcester now have the lineout just outside Saints' 22.

  • 66

    Worcester attacking make little ground and Hougaard sends a grubber through. Saints will have the lineout but it's in their own 22.

  • 65

    Waller returns from his HIA and van Wyk makes way.

  • 64

    Saints look to attack but scrappy handling see Collins isolated and Worcester earn the penalty. Lance sends it into touch. Lineout Worcester.

  • 63

    Groom replaces Reinach for Saints as we set the scrum.

  • 63

    Haywood knicks the ball at the lineout and races up to Worcester's line but we come back for the not straight throw.

  • 62

    Saints have the ball and Reniach clears but Worcester run it back at Saints. Lance chips through and Mallinder clears well. Lineout Worcester back in their own half.

  • 60

    Eadie and Moon enter play for Harrison and Dickinson for Saints while Phillips replaces O'Callaghan for the home side.

  • 60

    They haven't and we come back for a knock on by Worcester in the build up. Saints have the put in at the scrum.

  • 60

    Worcester working through the phases now. Pennell breaks out wide and charges in to the line. We go to the TMO to see if Worcester have scored their bonus point score...

  • 59

    Saints secure the ball from the 22 drop but knock on just after and Worcester have the scrum.

  • 58

    Dean Hammond enters play for the home side with Ryan Mills making way.

  • 58


    ... sends the ball wide though and Saints will have the 22 drop.

    23 - 8
  • 57

    Penalty Worcester at the scrum as we restart and Lance lines up.

  • 46

    Waller leaves for a HIA and van Wyk comes onto the field.

  • 56

    Reinach's box is charged down but Waller is there to collect. Reinach kicks again and Worcester are there. The home side kick themselves though but we pause play while Alex Waller is seen to.

  • 54

    Knock on from Worcester on the restart and we'll scrum down with a Saints put in.

  • 54


    ... strikes the ball well but it just comes off the left upright.

    23 - 8
  • 53


    No sooner has be come on than he's on the scoresheet. Insane hands from Mallinder to get the ball to the wing in the build up. Brilliant stuff from Saints!

    23 - 8
  • 52

    Saints look to maul from the line but Haywood gets the ball out when that goes nowhere. The ball comes right as the backs take over again. Positive play here for Saints as they get very close...

  • 51

    Quick play from Saints here and the backs are making some progress. Penalty Saints at the breakdown and Myler sends it into the corner. Lineout Saints within Worcester's 22.

  • 50

    Pisi makes way for Foden as we restart.

  • 49


    ... can't convert though.

  • 49

    Try Worcester

    Adams and Pennell link up to get the home side's third score.

    23 - 3
  • 48

    Eventually we get the scrum away but Worcester turn over just afterwards and Adams breaks on the left wing. There's space there if Worcester can make it...

  • 46

    Collins sends a chip through and Pennell knocks on collecting it. Scrum down to Saints then.

  • 45


    ... sends his kick through from in front of the sticks.

    18 - 3
  • 44

    Penalty Worcester at the scrum and Lance opts for the points.

  • 43

    Actually we're going back for an advantage that the referee was playing for a knock on. Scrum to Worcester then instead.

  • 42

    Worcester are pushing again here and make it into Saints' 22 after come patience. Lance looks to dink the ball over the Heem but it goes dead and Saints have the 22 drop.

  • 41

    Lineout Saints on halfway after Worcester mark the away side's clearance. Wood gets up and Myler goes for a cross field. Collins is there but Pennell comes out with the ball.

  • 40

    Only one change at half time. Jamal Ford-Robinson enters play for Saints, replacing Kieran Brookes.

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    Myler gets us restarted at Sixways. BIG second half needed from the Saints!

  • HT

  • 40


    ... sends the tricky kick just wide though and we head into half time.

    15 - 3
  • 40

    Penalty Saints at the scrum and the tee comes on for Myler!

  • 40

    Horne returns as we pause play briefly while a couple of players are seen to. We restart with that scrum for the last play of the first half.

  • 39

    Worcester come quickly off the lineout and look to exploit the last play with an extra man. Saints turn over though and look to make the most of it. Myler chips through but the bounce of the ball sees it go dead and we'll come back for a scrum.

  • 38

    Solid scrum from Saint and Harrison drives through the Worcester defence off the back of it. Good carries from the Saints forwards and they're back within Worcester's half. Reinach chips for Pisi again and but Worcester collect. Penalty Worcester after a high tackle and Lance clears long again. Lineout Worcester within Saints' half.

  • 37

    Clever play from Mallinder as he chips and collects himself but his chip forward for Pisi finds Worcester hands. They play but knock on just after and Saints have the put in at the scrum.

  • 35


    ... adds the extras too.

    15 - 3
  • 35

    Try Worcester

    Heem stretched out for his second of the afternoon.

    13 - 3
  • 34

    This time the ball comes out quickly and there's a gap for Worcester to exploit there...

  • 34

    Penalty Worcester at the scrum. They decide to go for another one. We set again.

  • 32

    Another maul from the lineout from Worcester and this one gets them some more ground and a scrum.

  • 31

    Despite being within range, Worcester go for the corner and will have the lineout within Saints' 22.

  • 30

    Worcester look to maul from the lineout but make little ground so bring the ball out. Worcester are still attacking and have an advantage coming now. Saints are working hard in defence though and push them well back before we come back for the original penalty.

  • 29

    Horne leaves the field after the referee deems the tackle to be high. Penalty Worcester then and Lance sends it long for a lineout in Saints' 22.

  • 28

    We're with the TMO currently looking at a Horne tackle on Pennell.

  • 28

    Scrum down then and Worcester get the ball away quickly. They work back into Saints' half but Mallinder rips the ball. Reinach clears but makes little ground and Worcester have the lineout.

  • 28

    Saint get up again and disrupt this lineout but knock on in the process and we'll have a scrum.

  • 27

    Penalty Worcester at the lineout and Lance sends the ball into touch. Lineout Worcester just outside the home 22.

  • 26

    Hougaard clears from the restart and Mallinder collects. Saints whip the ball wide before Mallinder sends a grubber through. Worcester have the lineout but well within their own 22.

  • 25


    ... can't convert though.

    8 - 3
  • 25

    Try Worcester

    Bryce Heem finishes off a good move from the home side.

    8 - 3
  • 24

    Reinach clears from the lineout and Worcester are in possession again. A good run from Adams gets them back in Saints' half before Singleton makes them some more ground.

  • 22

    Myler sends a high ball up but Worcester collect and whip it wide. Lance chips through but his kick finds touch and Saints have the lineout just inside their own half.

  • 21

    Good chase from Saints on the restart and Hougaard is forced to clear. Mallinder is there and big carries from Harrison and Brookes get Saints back on the front foot.

  • 20


    ... sends his kick through to level things.

    3 - 3
  • 20

    Worcester continue to attack and though Saints turn over, they're penalised for being offside and Lance will line up with the penalty.

  • 20

    Saints come off the lineout quickly and the ball is quickly out wide to Pisi who has space in front of him. He's caught though and Worcester turn over. A huge chase is mounted as Lance chips downfield but that finds touch. Worcester with the lineout though.

  • 17

    Hougaard clears long from the scrum and Saints will have the lineout just inside Worcester's half.

  • 16

    Wood gets up and steals the lineout and though Worcester turn over for a time, Gibson rips the ball back and Saints are back up within Worcester's 22. The ball is lost forwards again just after and the home side will have the put in at the scrum.

  • 15

    Burrell comes off for a HIA and Francis takes his place.

  • 14

    Myler sends the ball across to the wing and Dickinson is there for a brilliant take but he's smothered in Worcester defence and the home side have the penalty. Lance kicks to touch for a lineout just inside Worcester's half.

  • 13

    Big carry from Burrell off the back of the lineout and Saints are firmly back in attack now.

  • 11

    Worcester attempt a maul from the lineout before Hougaard boxes clear. Saints with the possession again now and Reinach boxes himself. Hougaard is there to collect but Collins was chasing well and pushes the scrum-half into touch. Lineout Saints.

  • 10

    Worcester get up and steal the lineout before clearing long. Mallinder is there though and the full back clears himself for a Worcester lineout back up within their own half.

  • 9

    During a long delay while Schonert changes his boots the referee has reversed the put in. We finally get back underway with the scrum and the home side secure a free kick. Lance clears and Saints will have the lineout on halfway.

  • 8

    A knock on from either side but it's Saints the come away with the put in at the scrum just inside Worcester's 22.

  • 8

    Penalty Saints just after the scrum as Hougaard knocks the ball out of Reinach's hands and Myler makes no mistake with the kick to touch. Lineout Saints on Worcester's 22.

  • 6

    Saints box from the restart and after some scrappy handling from the home side secure the ball. Myler pings a cross field kick over for Mallinder and though Worcester secure it, we'll have a Saints scrum for a knock on.

  • 5


    ... sends the kick through to get Saints off the mark!

    0 - 3
  • 4

    Saints working hard and have made their way well into Worcester's 22 with an advantage coming. Eventually we come back for it and though Reinach goes quickly and is over the line, we'll come back for Myler to line up for the posts.

  • 2

    Penalty Saints at the scrum for Saints and Myler clears long for a lineout within Worcester's 22.

  • 1

    Good clearance kick from Reinach and we have a lineout for Worcester on halfway. They secure the ball and look to attack quickly off the back of it but knock on in contact and we'll have a scrum just inside Saint's half.

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    HERE WE GO!!

    We're underway at a soggy Sixways - Jono Lance gets us started!